A grain of sand

When I die

Grind my bones and ash

To a fine powder

Then dye the powder any colors that will make you smile again

And make me art

Make me a sculpture

A mosaic

A color-filled bottle

More complete than I could ever be

Place it gently on the mantle

And let the fireplace crackle underneath it

A reminder of the past

And maybe a future

And when guests come over

Tell them why you chose each color

Tell them how artistic you are

How I always loved your art

And you

How the hardest part of letting go was losing you.

And if someone calls me sand

Mistakes the dust of my ashes for the seashore

Remind them what we are

Remind them how we are all grains of sand

With the tide getting closer each year

But that it’s never too late

To learn how to swim



This poem is about: 
Our world


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