Not my Story

I want to write tales of bravery. 

Of powerful women who stood up against injustice and for kind-hearted men who chose right over what’s left

But these were not my stories

Not my tales to tell

The sound of a cheap pen scribbling out the words on a sheet of paper. 

A notebook, partially filled with notes I took in Anatomy, but never finished.

Those are my stories.

No aimless tears on stainless steel

No diamond rings left shining in the rain

No busy streets and roaring crowds

No skyscrapers swaying in September

But there are some trees

Over grown paths with wildflower guardrails stretching into dusk

As I stand in the dark,

Watching the stars shine like silver

Feel the breeze on my skin

Breathing in the night air

Of My story

I may never win a war or steal a boat

I may never be eaten by a whale

Or learn to accept ordinary

Perhaps I may learn to love

But nothing is certain 

Leave a rose by my tomb when I am gone

But do not shed a tear

Do not waste your tears for me

This will not be my story


Smile like the story is not over

Smile for your story is not over 

Write it on more than your leftover notebook or a note in your phone.

The future is a beautiful thing

Full of mystery and adventure 

Like a Mary Higgins Clark novel

Find a hunger for it

Use your biggest spoon and go for it

When the sky starts to fall

Catch it

When you feel most alone

Remember my rose

Remember I love you

But this is not my story. 

It is yours


Annette M Velasquez

Exquisite! This poem demonstrates a thorough knowledge of so many poetic skills... Imagery, narrative, metaphor, the use of emotion- all are very effective. The real, important stories are of " ordinary" people living their lives every day, plodding forward despite obstacles. Look at the poet, Naomi Shihab Nye - she often writes of seemingly mundane things... the onion, buttons, but her explanation is that everything has its significance and utility. That is the sign of a master poet- to elevate the every day to something interesting and attention- grabbing and to know the difference between drama and melodrama. You've wrote some very thought-provoking lines here.


Thanks! I'll have to check out her work!

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