Steam is smoke is mistaken

Steam is smoke is mistaken

That girl is gasoline and all you do is water her down

Make her lifetime less

Her burn time  digress

Yes she is insane

She wants to burn out

She is worried she will create a wildfire

You her savior and her killer

All you seem to do is kill her

You monster how dare you make her live

Remind her that she has a purpose

She would never desert us

But she will teeter on the edge trying not to create mass destruction

Her fear is the ripples her mass would create in the water below

Her fear is the ice and snow she knows is waiting for her to trip

It's too much pressure,

She doesn't want to leave you but she wants to leave me

She wants to drown in solutions to her problems

None are feasible

It's inconceivable

The idea that she'll make it to the age of twenty

Those hounds those blood hounds are scaring her

That doesn't deter the fact that she is needed

She doesn't want to be needed

In fact this self loath is so deep seeded,

She feels conceded for wanting death so badly

I'm sorry if she isn't there the next morning.

I'm sorry if they're not there the next morning.

Leaving you mourning on your own.

She is many if you include her thoughts as people as she does

Because her thoughts are consumed by people

He solace found in needles

And her euphoria created by those more accepting

Those too far away

Those who can't do anything for her

No, those that care will be her end or rather the reason she gets out of bed each day,

That is her end

That is her hell

That eight period bell

Is her salvation.

Her expulsion from purgatory to another home of flames

Her whole family is simply matchsticks singeing her kindling

The whole world smells of smoke.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

very interesting poem! Well expressed! 

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