Authenticity - A Life Unmasked


Authenticity - A Life Unmasked






My shoulders stand above all others.


seen only for who I am externally

like Gandalf among the Hobbits of Shire.

Originality smiles at life unwavering,

I am above the horizon

with nowhere to hide as genuine in an ingenuine world,

where the masks are removed

and acceptance washes ashore and remains;

where forms and voice are clear and true

and peace permeates.

Loud                    Brave

                Louder                 Braver                

  Loudest                Bravest

      My voice speaks truth              My heart dares to trust

See me. Look beneath the waves of hair. Beyond the sparkle of eye. Through the rush of breath.

For I, too, swim with the masses. But I wil surface for air to stand strong and speak honestly.

Just as I am, will I be.

That is authenticity.







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