She changed me

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 22:10 -- momoxo

I am not the same girl I was yesterday.      There are so many events that have paved the way.   Could you break me down with just one word.  Or ignore my cries as if they are not heard. I was a weak girl, you could just push over. You could tell me what to do as if my name was rover. I was the girl with no drive and a lack of motivation. No happiness in my life, but I couldn't see the correlation. What will I do with my life, was just a thought in my head. But instead all I wanted to do was lay in my bed. In my mind it was as if it couldn't get any better. Until this thing called life came through like stormy weather. She came to me and said baby get up!! You have to keep fighting baby never give up!! You're smart, you're beatiful, there's still fight in your eyes. Just show them what your worth and they'll see you're a prize. Once I showed them my worth, everything changed. My mind was much clearer, I was more engaged. I found my passions in life and what I love. This happiness that changed me, fit like a glove. Now I am the go getter, I can do it myself. All the helplessness and dispair, it can stay on the shelf. I know what I want from this life, and it's not to stay stagnant. I want success and happiness to surround me as if I'm a magnet. You want to know who I am and how I have changed? I can tell you my story from a year ago today!                                                                             -Monique H.

This poem is about: 



This is jusjt a poem about the progession I have made in my life. I just wanted to

put something out there to give people hope that you can still figh and YOU

ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR. If others won't do it, do it for yourself and be


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