A Dancers World


Zion Il
4212 Gregory Dr.
United States
40° 22' 14.4156" N, 75° 10' 0.4692" W


                                            A Dancers World


                        3 years of age not knowing much but dance

                                              A lifelong dream

                                      Hoping that it never ends

                 The sound of my Pointe shoes as they brush the floor

                  Makes the gentleness of my dance sound like a roar



                   The taste of my sweat as I anticipate the next movement

                               Makes my technique a little more fluent

                                        As my body jolts in the air

                                 All the cares in the world disappear

                           That’s when my heart jumps into first gear



                                     Years, months, days and hours

                                   All comes down to this encounter

                                  All I hear is the crowd going wild

                            But in my head there’s a sense of silence

                                                I take the stage




                         In the heat of the moment, I make a mistake

                   But that’s the beautiful thing about dance it’s a gain

                     The crowd not knowing my next step goes crazy anyway

                            Given a little leeway I take my last steps

                         My mind apprehending what’s coming next



                            The crowd calms, and all I see is gray

                     Feeling like this, makes dance a lifeline everyday

                       The rush I get gives me a whole new reasoning

                                              Why Dance is life

                          And gives my heart a whole new meaning


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