The Water, My Doctor

I see the serene water gently drifting by,

As the sun shines bright where I lie,

Peace is around all around where I see, 

Yet there is a problem lingering with me,

My heart feels frantic and tries to escape,

The water calms it down and now I lie still on the lake,

But then my mind becomes lost and doesn't know where to go, 

So now I guess I shall just lay here and start to row,

I continue in any direction trying to find home,

But alas the waves push me along and cause me to roam,

My emotions are somehow oddly settled down,

The water keeps them in tact and around,

Even though I'm lost I don't want to quit,

I can't give up I have much to do still I admit,

I consider leaving but I know I should not,

These thoughts turn me sick and cause me to rot,

But the water keeps me very well and alive,

This water, this fluid doctor of mine.



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