Today I stand watching blank faces,

Their sorrows hidden in between the spaces

of their broken hearts.

Shattered minds echo through these hallways,

this supposed education, the proposed libation,

weaving it's way to the seams of this,

our near-sighted town in a far-sighted place.

We can't decide whether to give or take,

So we leave.

We leave our lives, our loves,

Our decisions and fortunes.

We leave them and venture outward,

Hope dazzling in our eyes,

Dreams in our hearts,

Never knowing that the work we do

Is the key to our happiness.

There will be some

Among the inspired

Who interpret this life with money,

It's power, It's freedom, It's the key.

Money is your cage! Money is your chain!

Money is what keeps your creative mind

From thinking creatively!

Forget money, forget people,

The only person you must remember is yourself,

Do what you desire and forget the rest.

Do what you desire and LIVE.



Hey! I'm new on this so I don't know if people ever actually comment on poems, but I read this and couldn't stop myself. This is great!! 


Thank you so much!! I'm pretty new to this too, this is my first poem I've posted on here, but thank you for reading it, I'm glad you liked it!

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