The Worlds Biggest Myth

When I'm low I dream of gettin high,
Make skylines ascend,
and Heaven then realigns,
Have I realized,
That love is just a myth,
and Hell's the darkest pit,
That's width can only fit,
A kid with a messed mind,
Demons messed up mine,
The light shines,
But I'm.
to deep to get a sight,
Naive and always hide,
Believe but only lie,
Belief that only lies,
In the meadow within,
That meddles with sin,
That leads to a pen,
Or leads to a bullet,
Or leads to no power,
That leans to the syrup,
That acting like bleach,
Purifying my breach,
And cooling my heat,
But heating my liver,
In all never deliver,
The life of a sinner,
Or life of a winner?
The life of a kid,
The life of regret,
The life that I get,
The life that I wish,
Could only forget,
Or maybe forfeit,
If I didn't have this freaking drive and destiny...

-Randy C.Melton



thats really good!


Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback

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