Angel of Mine

I have an angel by my side

She's the reason I'm still alive

She wiped my tears when I would cry

She kept me from the dark where I would hide

So I will tell you a story thats bloody and true

About a loving sister who kept me out of the blue

It was four years ago, but it only felt like yesterday

I was in a state of suicide and misery

I was a target of bullying and dislike

I never stood up for myself and striked

I had no one to help me, not even my own mother

Soon I couldn't take it anymore, so I became a cutter

The coldness of the razor, the rush of the blood

If I had cut any deeper I would fall to the ground with a thud

It was my escape, my drug, my medicine

But an angel came to save me, and her name is Evelyn

She noticed something wrong, but I lie and say "I'm fine."

But she couldn't know, she thinks I'm in cloud nine

I couldn't stop cutting, I wanted help

I realized too late I was destroying myself

I was drowning in pain, I was burning with sorrow

I always promise that I will stop tomorrow

But I couldn't, though it broke my skin it heals me

But then my angel came, she heard my pleas

"We have to talk" I knew she found out

What gave me away? Was it my fake smiles

Or probably my useage of bandages no doubt

My sister, helped me though the darkest of my times

But she's no ordinary sister, she's an angel of mine

Laying on the bed, she shared stories

how this isn't the way, she sounded worried

It then hit me, that if I hurt she hurts too

I didn't want to cause her this pain so there's only one thing to do

X-Acto razors, and sharp pins thrown away

Suddenly, my world didn't seem soo grey

My angel saved me from the edge

I owe her forever, that is my pledge

To others, she seems normal

But she's an angel of mine, she tells me it's okay to be abnormal

Angel of mine, you are my everything

You are the reason I'm still breathing

Angel of mine, I don't know where I would be without you

Because of you, I pursue.

Angel of mine, I love you so,

Sisters forever, we will never let go.









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