There were times (song)

There were times I was a sailor

A healer or a tailor

There were times I was the lunatic next door


There were times I stuck hand out

I was not afraid to stand out

There were times I found myself upon the floor


But you told not to give up

You told me storms will let up

And I wish that I could hear your voice once more


But days go on nights go by

I have no more tears to cry

Cause you took my heart the day you left this town


We grew up we grew old,

Different stories to be told

But I hope our stories have a happy end


Think of me in the nights

When you turn off all the lights

I hope you hear this song I wrote for you

And remember to this day..... I still love you




There were times I was a leader

I might have been cheater

I’ll be honest that I’ve lied once or twice


But I never broke a promise

Did my best to keep it honest

Did all I could to make my family proud


But I know I’ll still be broken

I have words that still need spoken

But this time all I need is you to hear


Cause I know in the end

Theres no trying to pretend

That I don’t love the glimmer in your eyes

So don’t tell me when it’s time to say goodbye


We both know I’m the man

That will love you all I can

With the heart that only beats a tune for you

I just hope that someday you’ll hear it too

And remember to this day..... I still love you

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