To My Future Children



Make Mistakes, screw up over and over again but don’t regret them

Cry so hard that you forget to breathe but smile that you’re alive to have such emotion

Tell that person you love them, but only if you really feel it

Smile and laugh when things are going right but share your happiness with others

Bang the keys on the piano in frustration but then play out your feelings into a song

Scream, just scream your lungs out and then wait to see if you get an answer back

Drive without knowing where you’re going but remember the way back home

Dream BIG dreams and don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough

Dance without a care in the world and with pure bliss

Live every day as if it’s your last and treat people with compassion

Forgive the ones who have hurt you because you have been forgiven

Forget the bad times that haunt you and 

Let go of the past you wish you could take back

Sing and don’t stop singing until you can’t sing anymore

Love with all of your heart but take your brain with you

Find something every day to smile about

And be a friend to everyone you meet because you don’t know how big of an impact you will make on them in their life.


You are one of a kind, no one can replace YOU. 

Embrace life as if it’s your first love, your best friend.


Because I love you. 

You are mine, and you are the loveliest person in the whole wide world.


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