A promise I intend to keep

If you do not trust me, as you should
Forever I’ll delightedly leave.
Sitting in silence is not the way;
 For what would you hope to achieve?
I’d rather always succumb to nothing
While memories flooded the air,
Than taste all of your bittersweet
Reminders that I’m but a spare.
If you must go on without me
I truly, of course, understand.
I simply wish to ease the path-
Do not dare touch my hand.
For I will never comfort you,
I will never mourn,
I certainly will not rescue you
By snatching you from the storm.
I won’t attempt to free you,
As I so often had before,
Or so you seemed to mention
As you knocked upon my door.
You won’t stumble upon my waiting
For you to redeem your lies;
No seeing my forgiveness 
Reflected and withering in your eyes.
You say one thing and mean another
Could you just be true?
Or is it far too complicated
When playing pretend, to be you?
For all you are doing is playing,
Spinning in circles around,
Running, jumping, leaping ahead,
Ignoring your life on the ground.
The life you are living is fiction-
A fairytale you want to write-
A song you compose with the flick of a wrist,
A charity case late at night.
Though your burdens are lengthy and aching,
And your thoughts are not lightened a bit,
I know I’m slowly becoming one
I’m poisoning your smile’s pure wit.
But, my dear friend, I will tell you,
I swear all I’ve said is sincere.
I promise to leave you behind with great ease,
For never would I interfere.


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