Life is a control

We hold the power over ourselves in our hands

But there’s no anytime use power button

Although there is that little button some people resort to

When they just can’t handle it anymore

For most though, life just…happens

There’s no pause button either

We can’t just put our life on hold expecting everything else to wait

No matter what, we have to keep moving

And though it may seem as if there’s a fast-forward button

It’s only our mind

In reality, we move at a constant pace

But when we enjoy and experience life, we lose track of time

A rewind?

A chance to go back and fix our mistakes

Take another path

We wish

But no way

Everything we live, experience, and do is set in stone

The only buttons we really have are channels

And those can change in an instant

Or take a lifetime

Sometimes we’re forced to change them

Sometimes the changes just flow together

Sometimes we’re stuck on a channel for awhile

We may even be living more than one

And what happens in our channels may have an effect on what goes on in other channels

Every channel is a new stage of life

Life may be a control in our hands

But the sources of control are limited and that much more important



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