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Fat That’s what they call me As if I didn’t already know As if the doctors hadn’t already given me the heartbreaking diagnosis Again and again and again Fat So yes I am fat And yes I am tall
There is something that weighs on my chest Every night as I go to bed, I have no way to distinguish What I want, what I can ask for, and what I need. There is something that aches in my chest
‘are you okay?’ they ask, and i reply, ‘really, why are you worried? i swear, i’m fine.’ but i know that i’m really not okay that this is all a mask, a pretty face
Though I don’t always say much, at times I want to be heard. Maybe if I felt more free, like a bird Sometimes I feel pressure to please & serve everyone else on Earth
Make it stop. The rasping of my heart. The uneven breathing that manages to escape. I don’t like the dark. As the rain slips from the roof, a soft pitter-patter. I reach out my hand—emptiness, is that you?
For the girl who doesn't have everything...   You don't need to buy fancy clothes. You don't need to be popular. You don't need to have a lot of friends. You don't need to fit in.
Lemons   My mother has never liked the taste of lemons. They are too sour, displeasing.   That’s probably why she doesn’t like me.
To say you don't matter, the words  Pour from the mouth, lips frozen in a  Cold front of all things unkind. Each syllable slides like ice, Piercing, While the memories unbearable are
Will you still be here, when my fingers fall to pieces? Broken glass beneath my toes, a reminder of my own fate. Will you still listen, when the words mean nothing?
All my life, fear has controlled me. The fear of not being successful, not being good enough, and disappointing the ones we love most.
Sometimes life isn't fair and sometimes life isn't sweet. My shiny head makes people stare as I walk alone down the street. No, you can't touch, don't you dare. It's a sensitive topic, so I cover up with a sheet.
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
If I was in a preppy white girl’s shoes… Alright, got my eyeliner, mascara, red matte lipstick, glitter Germ-X. Ok, Julie, its show biz. Puff up those blonde locks, make sure it gives the boys a shock.
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
Woman, Girl – Lift up! For far too long your shoulders have bent forward from the weight of the despair of injustice, inequality, mistreatment, ignorance, devalue, degradation and disregard.
Next time I look in the mirror, I’m just gonna try to see me Not some superficial image of who they want me to be. If my eyes are deep dark brown, that’s what my momma gave me If my lips are kind of full, well
I cannot stand this abuse; I cannot be a bystander. It doesn't take a genius to deduce That you're worth more than this slander. You are gorgeous. You are powerful and stately.
Dear Younger Me, You do not need your friends' approval to qualify as beautiful. Just be you, that is really all that we are able to do.
Dear Self – Doubt, How does it feel to betray the trust of someone who believed in you? Perpetrating as a friend, a perfect someone to depend. A trusted advisor, your logic a realistic perception of truth.  
I once heard That if you repeat something enough times It loses its meaning And before i heard it I knew the principal But never put it into words
Perfect Perfect is a disease That everyone is trying to achieve No one is safe And no one can hide from perfect And it’s dreadful ways  
Dear Self-Esteem, You probably already know this but you're very low. You are basically the ground. The gound I step on everyday. I force myself to ignore you;
It's interesting how you look at me: You nose turned up, Your lips scowl.   Do I look funny? Is it my hair? Am I in my underwear?   What is so repulsing about me?
feel the music feel the music feel the music i bet it doesn’t rip apart your heart crawl up your throat ruin your breath and choke your words
What perfect means to me Is no perfection at all. It means that you are clumsy, You are loud, You are quiet, You are graceful. It means that you are awkward, You are simple,
Screaming and clawing,Anxiety wraps her in its shroudWhile jeering insecurity roughly grabs her face forcing her to look
Surrounded by laughs and smiles While I just listenOnly my ears are openSealed lips shut Words can’t be spoken
Whoever came up with the name America the Great, I would like to ask you what makes it so great? The fact that it’s full of hate?
Here again; I’ve built these walls.
Thank you all for coming to Group tonight!My name is Griffin and I am……BlankNothingEmptyDevoidThese were what I thought.These were what I used to believe.These were what I was.
Beauty is a broken mirror.You try to pick up the piecesNot caring that the sharp edgesPierce your natural skin.The rough edges scar your body; They create jagged lines across something Already beautiful.
Who am I? A question that has plagued for as I can recollect. I'm African. I'm Indigenous. I'm European. But who am I really? In my youth I would yearn for you, this knowledge of self.
Paint me perfect on your wall. Deep wine lips, erase the flaw. Pearly white teeth that I have always hidden. You’ll see a smile I view as forbidden.
He pours scalding water over your wounds boiling you from the outside in.  His words are poison soap grating off layers of the world
He walks like he has some place to be, hurried footsteps resounding through the empty hallways. He keeps his head down, watches his feet, as if that will save him from stumbling.
Don't give up, it get's better. Don't let those eyes get any wetter. Don't beat yourself up or tear yourself down. Don't give the world its saddest sound. Don't let your mind lose itself.
I used to think things in the world were backwards. I thought nature had gotten things wrong. Like why shadows had to fall behind us. At one point all I wanted to do was hide where no one could see me.
I watched the darkness; dissolving, morphing, quickly receding from the fruity light, as if rejected medicine.   Left behind for an identical,
Sometimes you ask me why Why did I ruin it? That lovely skin that you never cared to mention Was lovely. You never cared to ask me why I felt like the tears felt like they were running down my soul
How to Be Liked Do not do as you're told. Challenge authority - politely. Respect others' boundaries. Break all of your own. Be interesting. Have adventures.
Beauty comes from within.
Nothing special, till you remember when you were little you held tarantulas like others held hamsters   Ordinary, till you remember all the times you drew and made up
I emerge from ash
So what if they make fun of the way you talk I think it's cute So what if they make fun of the clothes you wear I think it's stylish So what if they make fun of your height I think your height is perfect
Knowing you aren't good enough, is the greatest pain. You try your hardest, you drive yourself insane, but no matter what you do, his thoughts remain the same. You look in the mirror,
They say if I want to fit in Than I should Walk like them Talk like them Dress Like them They say that beauty
I was talking to my little sister yesterday
I am the better side of darkness and the dim side of light. I didn’t KNOW my blackened heart had a sense of what was right.
Your hair may look a little dumb, When did you last pick up a comb? However, if that's just your style, It's no reason for exile.   When will you stop all that fear,
    Don’t save Not this Not these words They aren’t worth the space Start over This time you’ll get it right Nope that’s not it Pipe? Ripe? Kite maybe? No. You’re dumb…
  They say             “It doesn’t happen here, we’re different.”   FLASHBACK TO A 5th grader on a bus, while they all gossip of the boys  
Tears cascade down the young, broken girl's face
GoPro cameras and Selfie Sticks, our ancestors would be horrified. But it doesn’t matter because fabricated images, and fraudulent stories are glorified. What’s wrong with putting your best self out there?
Like many other girls out there
Myself: who am I? Should that be a question or an affirmation? Who I am... is wonderful. I cannot be anyone but myself.  It is funny to wake up every morning being the same person...
Confident I am  Daring to be raw on film
An eighteen year old girl should not have to be surrounded An eighteen year old shouldn’t need to drown in their thoughts A person should never be consumed   My friend is no longer my friend
I am a goddess A creation so divine that - galaxies will swirl in my veins- black and blue like a brusie so freshly wrought that the tinges of purple seem to darken the hues
I’m not one who has an alter ego,a lie people create when they’re feeling shallow,an ideal to covet and try to uphold,when in reality they are much less bold.  
I am flawless because I have flaws, I am flawless because I work hard. I am flawless because I have weaknesses, I am flawless because I don't discard. I hold onto my emotions, my appearance,
Who am I? That is the question... I walk around, in a ghost town, in a world were I feel unheard, "Nobody is perfect" is what I hear, yet we all strive for perfectiion.
Knowing that you are alright my future always looks forever so bright
When I look in the mirror, I see what I see, my desires have driven me to blind true reality. How can I tell if my soul has progressed?
Doors without locks Windows glued shut One Zoloft by day Insomnia by night My week in a mental hospital After I tried to make it all go away   Don't tell me I'm okay
He sits on the bench grasping his ticket  he looks at the train schedules and sees that his train is not due for a long while.  he looks out the window through the thicket and sees no one, not even a single smile.
As I look into the mirror, what on earth do I see? I see an ugly woman staring back at me? All the time, people sit there and tell me I’m cute But on the inside, towards myself I feel hateful, and confused  
Put me together and pull me apart Dissect my insides and play with my heart Stiches will mend, and stiches will show The part of me you probably don't want to know.  
The light in her eyes fade The shimmering in her eyes, now as black as coal No meager words can be found to describe how her heart aches This agony. This wretchedness. This torment.
Sometimes I wish I can really be myselfby talking to lots of peopleBut I can't
Is it money? Is it to love? Is it to be loved? Is it fame?   Or is it just to appreciate life as it is.   Life is full of possibilities and despair  
A dark day begins as clouds cover the sky My heart slowly burns and starts to dry I thought I had my life planned out So I could catch my dream But now I must start over and choose a different string  
In the beginning there was the World, HE and I. The World was vast and forgiving and I was happy.  
    V          Doubt     O          Fills every corner of my mind      I           Whispers      I           Dark words of unending peril. Failure      I           Hope
Dragon Slugs Shakespeare said expectation is the cause of all heartache that’s just simply not true There is no cause of heartache; it is truly unavoidable, expectations or not
  Of all the dreams I dreams I think about my self-esteem It might me high, it might be low Just talk to me, so at least you’ll know
It's all about the money, It's all about the popularity. I don't think I fit in with it. Don't want to be a part of it.   I tried I couldn't handle it, I took my pride and I ran with it.
Sun beats down on soft green grass,
Do you know what it feels like....
When my parents tell me And my teachers agree and all my friends join In their praises I can almost believe that I've done enough. Or better yet that I'm good enough but only Almost.
Skin is the name for the outer shell that wraps you body so well
Is it okay, To feed off of someone’s insecurities? To tell them shut up so often that they are afraid to speak out? To make them want to crawl into a corner and hide?   Is it okay,
It's a broken Hallelujah that reigns over my lips, Singing praises to something I can't prove exists. They're like tape, Holding me together while confining the mind I really want to speak.
Some people refuse to acknowledge the limitlessness of their beauty. An indicator of this type of person is the recalcitrance of their shackled acquisition 
I'm back, but I'm falling apart I'm back, but I'm lacking the heart, That I need to keep movingAnd what do I think I'm proving? Starving for attentionReceiving it in the form of tension,
Hey there did you hear?
Had a high self-esteem And so it was beaten down I thought that in my trade i was supreme And now I feel myself drown   I have been felled for the first time And many more times to come
My love is deep for ever and everMy love is real can survive any weatherMy love is pure something so smoothMy love is nuturing some what like foodMy Love is loyal
  Nothing is perfect and I don’t want it to be But somethings on me may need to be tweaked
You said I wasn’t good enough, It became my doctrine, I conceived and gave birth to your lies; The mental toxins, Low self esteem living in my life rent free, Afraid of being made fun of and how they tease,
I'm a princess yet to be saved
The word s
welcome to the world, darling. here's a list of expectations:you must turn yourself into the perfect temptation.the general population is counting on you,they'll be watching and judging everything that you do.
One person - that is All I am - The Water welcomes me in But I refuse to be Pulled under Refuse - to be thought of as nothing   I may be One person - I will go above the expectations - set for me
I forgot to eat,
Looking in the mirror again, Remind my-self to see. The person looking through to me, Is more than just skin deep.
"My, my, aren't you a cute darling!"I show my crooked teeth in a grin;it catalyzes a chain reaction in the crowd.Everyone seems to say the same thing,and nobody suspects how I don't believe them.
Numbers and sizes do not can not define you. They could never show a beautiful heart, soul, or mind. Stretch marks, acne, or birthmarks can’t show the type of person you are.
Wonder what it's like in the public eye. Everyone knowing everything, No secrets Whatsoever, Judging stares; hateful words.   Wonder what it's like to always have a front. To be what others want,
I have a relationship with the sun.I have been growing upward.The roots I have, came from the currents and the moon.And still I grow.I grow stronger with each eclipse.I grow calmer with every sunrise.
  Love can never forget Relationship will never regret A special day for you and me A special one cannot see To the sound of your voice on my neck, the warm of your lips on my cheek
"Don't have a big head, the world doesn't revolve around you." There's no I in team, that's all that I knew. There are people that are starving, homless and broke. But that's only in movies, it was only a joke.
There she goes, falling Down into the unconquerable abyss Lost inside herself There’s no escaping The terrible monsters that live in her soul They lurk in the looming blackness
I believe in harsh standards I believe that all females should look the same. Females should not have hips Female's ribs should be exposed. If females are as thin as a rail, They are the ones I display.
Where footprints in single file Where hearts not in denile Where rose's petals fall The Emerald braced for Finale to revenge son's fatality  
My mask is tight. I cannot breathe it is so tightly constricting. It itches,more than the sand that wedges itself between a person’s cheeks at the beach.
Never did I think someone elses words would effect me  But repititon left its mark Looking in the mirror is a constant reminder of how worthless I am There's not a day that went by that I didn't shed a tear
She wants it within herself....peace Because she can't get it from nobody else looking in the mirror seeing someone big and fat but she purges and binge so how come she see that
I will not say sorry.
What do you see when you look at me Is it my body? My curves, my fine physique Now look me in my eyes and tell me what do you see. A girl with low self-esteem and insecurities
Why can't I be smart like those that I see?Before I told myself--you have your own strengths you must not flee.
You sat alone every first day of school and hoped, no, prayed that no one sat next to you. And when they did, you ignored them; it wasn’t long before they said hello, but you had already put your earphones in.
Hi, my name is Lauren Lehman, I'm an ambitious poet from the South Florida Metropolitan Area.. I began writing poetry to help cope with traumatic events that I've overcome in my past.
You Turn me into something that never existed, Your personal shape-shifter has no control. I've never realized how much I've been committed, To your necessities that seem to be your inevitable goal.
Sick severed lipsHolding my bare hips.Like Achilles heel,The emotional appeal is severed. And though I have no brainI can't really complainOf the wonders in the skyAnd how high I can go.
~thoughts of pain,self inflicted ~so weak and tired ~barely having the will to lift my head ~i almost give in, ~i almost cave ~i wanted to curl up and die ~but i dont ~i cry myself to sleep
I look at into the mirror At my clean face, Preparing to paint on the Exterior what everyone expects to see. I start with my skin; The record of my aging. I take my foundation and
  By Chanda Bynum   I see this girl And she is a girl with straightforward eyes and blank expressions. The Maker has sculpted curvaceous hips and thighs into her gene pool
She stares..She stares at her reflection, studies her own face as a stranger. Almost as a new born child seeing her face for the first time. Her skin worn and dry from all the years of living, her eyes caved in with bags of age tugging on them.
  What is beauty? Well if I were to give the simplest definition I’d say you. What is beauty?
Its 2013 and nothing has changed. I sit with my homies and brothers ever estranged. Watching all these people looking at us as if we are to blame. Its 2013 and nothing has changed.
Music is for the broken whose will has been abandoned and suicidal thoughts have nested. So quick to contemplate death. Instead a track plays to vibe with the heart and mend the mind to health.
It’s not entirely too cold out today andI take comfort in the fact that if I told you to come over right now;you would come over, right now.
nature of self-esteem is the value we place ourselves confidence in our ability to think confidence helps cope with challenges of life confidence in our right 
I am drawn towards two different things, a battle of knowledge and heart, in which I am losing. The struggle of maintaining both only hurts. But do I care if I am judged cruely?
I’ll Never Be Her The one with the luscious hair Shoulders lining up to her waist The flirty yet smart one The ditzy one everyone help The one that’s right but nice The kind that never gets misplaced
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating, I’m about to burst!
I step away, As he slowly approaches, Hidden out of his sight. Evil he has come to do… But I must do right. I will just wait here, If he does not see me first, My heart is beating,
  My mind is a prison The prisoner locked inside the cell  is me Why you may ask because i can't gain control so i lose it every time and when the control is lost the pain takes over
Ezioqwu is my alter ego. More importantly, he’s what I need when I need it. He is my armor. He protects me from falling prey to prejudice. Ezioqwu is amicable. He’s always telling me that my opinion matters.
Growing up with a father,Blinded by his own pain,I became the parent;His shelter from constant rain.Dried up his tears,Floods only became clouds.I couldn't help him like I wanted.I let him down.
Here I sit, ah this black chalice so alone, and silence embracing my every thought,every emotion.  
Why live if you’re not going to be doing something that supplies your happiness Why live if you’re going to be questioned of why you choose to do what you do
Hahahah you're hilarious! You thought this note was about how You broke some girl's heart! Comedy gold. This is coming from a place you shut off long ago.
I’m just a pen & paper.
Leave my Body Broken, I'd Rather Focus on More Important Things Keep my Words Hidden and my Meanings Skewed. They Mean More that Way.
I know that When you’re alone In the middle Of the night And you want someone To hold you And tell you That everything’s Gonna be alright, That I could be That person For you,
That she is me Her hair glistening in the sunlight Making red and gold out of the brown Her legs white as clouds Becoming the shade that fits her perfectly Her stretch marks splayed on inner thighs
I have something on my chest That is clouding up my mind. What if we overlook everything Without taking the time, to realize where we went wrong, the things we do or say.
At the site of death we are sicken until we bite our tongues, screaming at the anger that coats us in pain, and as are eyes become blood shot red we are fighting to decide
I'm small.   And I've got kinks, in my hair, in my spirit.   I'm small and I'm odd.   My mind developed a bit differently; it was both constrained and released,
"I could never make art." They all say something different, but that's how it starts. I'm not good enough, it don't look right, I know this 'cause I've been there. We all have - been there. You just don't know.
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
Lately all we do is fight, can’t seem to get it right. Why should we pretend we’re more than friends? Can’t you see it’s hard for me? Trusting you is what I do. Seems like all you want is to hurt me.
I don't know what to do. You don't look at me, The same way I look at you. I don't know what to do. To think it had only begun, And already, we're through. I don't know what to do.
Challenged with it all my life. The kids laughing, the kids talking. Enemies and friends alike.
she silently stares at the monsters under her bed chin resting on the knees she has pulled to her chest, eyes as empty as the rhythmic heart beating— out of obligation— between her ribs.
Lavish lies conceal flattering false prophets Under a guise that is layers deep A ritualistic routine of self masocation Of emotional measures physicality intact Progressing and digressing
I wish you could see you as I see you, So for a little bit, let me break through, Through walls of stubborn mortar and hard brick, I promise you I will be very quick.
The Hope, It sits there. Right there. Trapped. The Hope, Is yelled at, Is tugged at, Yet it sits there. Right there. Waiting.
Sadness floats around me Hovering Always with me. Like mist, It creeps over me Settles down and suffocates me. The fog of depression hides the sight of happiness. The shadows are dark,
Sometimes I despise people when their eyes are cheerful And they smile around me it feels like they are teasing me because I am always alone Well it's better than being just another clone
To the clouds, hawk says, "You are what I dreamed to have! My soft and white bed!"
darkness the scary and dark place being afraid of something that's not there it may be concealed in the blanket of night doesnt mean its bad
I feel these emotions They come in waves I breathe thick fury This hateful rage It turns around Pulling me out of the deep Offering me a hand Pulling me back on my feet I know it wont last
Never been on top Never been good enough Had a couple of blessings But I never had good luck Always underestimated Nobody believed in me But I see why because I was never in the lead
They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, But let me tell you that is a lie, because the grass is always greener where it's watered.
Numb is always my emotion I've become so bland nothing effects me anymore I only cry to know I'm still alive and because I know they're right.
The rain splashes down, seeping into the thirsty earth. Cars swerve with tension as the drivers cringe in apprehension.
Am I too weak to say something, but too strong that I may break them? I am too scared to show them my skin. My mind is blurred by the images of doubt. By their stupid ways. Why?
These hands delve into the ground to remake what I once found When I was better and my conscience was light as a feather I made this as empty as I feel, but now I'm not alone I am a weight eroding those
I padlocked the miles so distance could be kept In a vault where nothing of value could be dreamt Can you slam my fingers in a metal door Till they crunch and I can't touch No not anymore
For some reason they like to hold us back. Even though they seem to have the control, we are probably our strongest. I've never felt so strong, beaten down to one finger on a rope. I've probably never had so much hope...
I live in a dollhouse Where the Barbie's are five feet tall And their pretty pink dresses Resemble summer's fall.
Get away from me. I don't want you to visit again. Last time nearly killed me. The pain; the crying. The worthlessness.
I have no strength to continue. Alone at the piano, Tears track my face, As my fingers a melody trace In the dark.
Light That is all I ever asked The stars are receding And I have failed my task I wonder I wonder What did I fail to do?
A dark hole called home, but it's not even mine. Not living only existing, no hope, no worth, dealing with what I've been dealt. Keep it all inside, the words inside my mouth. We'll all be the same, lying in the dirt.
Remember when you caught me Bleeding in my bed Hands and face the deepest shade of red And I was floating Through those stars that you call eyes That are brighter than the sunrise and
I've wandered into the morbid side of life and I don't plan on coming back. You can chase me all you want, but you'll just get hurt in this dark place. It kills anything positive. But I don't have to worry,
I'm riding in a car with people I just met, Realizing that my mind is so far away from theirs. I look around outside the car window seeing the life I live in, While questioning the thoughts that are going through my head.
I wake up but keep my eyes closed. I just lay there in my bed. Seems like everyday is the same, I hear the same old story playing over and over in my head.
I’ve been broken down and restored Set back Been attacked since the day I was conceived inside my mother’s womb Attacked by gallons of liquor bottles, Making me kick within my mother’s belly,
What is a best friend?, I ask I can sit and ponder all day, But I can't pretend the thought doesn't last, Someone I can confide in, lean on, laugh, and cry, It's something, a feeling, that most people would die
Strength is not always, Muscle and brawn, But the feelings you have inside.
Through the glass, she sees a person she hates. A big pile of ugly mass; a twisted game of fate. The person never forgives and never loves; a person unfamiliar with kisses and hugs. The ugly personality
Sing me into the Sunlight, Take me away from the dark. Take my hand, and lead me away from this place. It’s my own fault I’m here, anyway…
I know a place where all is still It's by a lake behind a hill And though to find, it's quite a trek It's a lighthouse when you're about to wreck
Tell me, have you ever had to lie? Have you ever had to cry? Have you ever fought for approval of your peers? Have you ever tried to fight your fears? If you have, it’s okay. I will catch your tears.
Of the darkness emerging from our souls, beyond threshold of the black mire falling headfirst into the pits dying, our souls
Normal... it's such a strange thing With its hum-drum ring That makes you want to wheel it into a hospital wing and just let it die
Mirror mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? With all these noises and TV lies, I fail to see with worldly eyes.
For You I have changed my ways I have gone from that nice little girl to someone older in age. For You I have turned my back on all things that sing
A sudden fear approaches As foot steps draw near Tears release from pain And words of lash at my heart The monsters want me dead But I keep fight... To find a light in this Forever Nightmare
Empty within compare, Lost within despair, Alone always alone, And that's what I've always known.
Why is no one answering my cries? I lash out in hopes that someone will notice, But all that responds is never-ending silence. Music used to be my perfect muse… Now it doesn’t even offer me comfort.
I can't see the future but I can't dare look at the past. I told myself I was done and this was the last. I can't handle the pain! The guilt or the blame. But I can't escape this life. This toughness and rage.
I lost my mama one cold fierce night. Thinking she would return to her daughter might. I cry everyday i was just a little girl, out in the cold freezing world. things started changing, people dont remain the same, they are not true their word.
Here's to the girl that never feels good enough The girl that felt alone and hated herself To the girl that doesn't have as much money as others Who's messed with at school for not having the newest Adidas
I tried loving you, you tried feeling me I tried reaching out, you tried pulling in I tried to make it work; you had to break it first I tried to be free, you tried to chain me I tried to fly, you took my sky
Running numb Blind to the path in front of her Crushing everything she's been taught It's not fair... There's a prettier place where women can smile
feeling so high at times it is my lowest low i just might lose
These four walls hold me in Blank and bare, so naked, I stare The dimmed light from the screen Makes a Glow. A dull glow because it is dark, past 11.
(poems go here) I am an individual. A rolley polley like, nervous creature but an individual none the less. And though I may sing and speak in a whisper tone, my insides are crawling with life.
In my time of need, words rushed me Incoherent and strangled words Fearful and swarming in my mind So I took them into my hand And stuffed them into my pocket They became scattered and sullied
They tell her she isn't as alone as she thinks But they never lived everyday alone as her Unable to form real relationships with people Because of her fear of rejection With only her thoughts to tempt her
Sturdy and strong, From the outside nothing could go wrong, Crumbling on the inside, this tower So tall and so bold Colorful yet vague As it watches and stares at all that pass by, Rainy days, sunny days,
Brighter than the suns strong smile Her eyes have been searching for miles. Miles to go, miles to go*, oh how she wished she’d know. Never stopping to take a breath,
Please forgive me, I know I'm nothing to be proud of One awful monster created out of an act of love The irony is often too much to take I am sorry for being the worst mistake
The sky is clear, but in this cage it is hard to notice. This cage that constricts me from seeing beyond the bars is unbearable, and I am unable to set myself free.
Over in a moment Death is nothing to be feared; Life, love, and everything else Is a tragedy for the mind.
Masked from all light, hidden in plain sight His outside appearance is fake, with interference From his brain, he hears it, dazed with incoherence The boy afraid to try, shrouded by fright.
Welcome to the Mistake Factory We stake ‘em We bake ‘em We shake ‘em We even sell ‘em too We send ‘em We bend ‘em We bind ‘em We grind ‘em And then we sing a long loud YABBA DABBA DOO!
What's real in this masquerade called life? Behind these masks Underneath the painted on smiles
I am from ashes from shards and legendary rebirth. I am from darkness beneath moon's shadow lonely, silent, it feels like snow. I am from the world's remains, the dark abyss
Did you ever see a sharp knife and wonder just how far it could penetrate?
Where there is hope, there's hatred, Where there is love, there's regret, Through it all we learn only to survive by loving ourselves.
I. CONVICTION Littered street corners blend with the falling snow like ash against skin Their chants ring in my ears as the cold air clings and my skin burns.
The strength of a man is his arms that protect you and keep you warm. It is his caring ways of the affection that he displays.
Raindrops fall like a child’s tears Very few of them being useful I watch the worms struggle Scrape their bellies upon the concrete Pleased with their cleverness For having survived the flood
Pain comes in countless forms and unexpected ways.
She's so ambitious, with the biggest dreams Her cheekbones are blushed pink and red mixed The standards of her life are set so high but Only thing standing in her way is her big bounty
When you laugh, the wind blows The wind starts singing When I cry, the rain flows The rains start flowing Flowing towards you Like the end of a good morning The beginning of a bad night
It is all said with silence Although no words are spoken, a million words are heard Words of disappointment, shame and failure Words that ignite discouragement and extinguish pride
I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.
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