If I Was in Your Shoes...

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 10:19 -- HY-PHEN

If I was in a preppy white girl’s shoes…

Alright, got my eyeliner, mascara, red matte lipstick, glitter Germ-X.

Ok, Julie, its show biz. Puff up those blonde locks, make sure it gives the boys a shock.

Play hard-to-get and stay away from Liz, that geek. What do we say about geeks, huh?

Four-eyed losers! There you go!

Now, where’s that white girl voice?

So, like, um, you know, totally, whatever, totes! Too-da-loo!

High heels or flats, I hate wearing tennis shoes.

I’m a little short for Justin, the high heels will do.

Slip in and Wedge up, there you go, whoa-whoa! Ok, step forw—Oof!

Gosh, this is useless, Justin doesn’t even say hi

Wear the flats, Julie, it’s not like you’ll be waving hi.


If I was in a black girl’s shoes…

Aye! Twist them hips, girl! Show’em whatcha got!

Now, should I wear my croptop or my tight tanktop?

That tank’s gonna show my ribs and imma little too busty for that.

Just wear the croptop, it’s not that revealing, it’s just a belly button, everybody got one.

Jeans, shorts, joggers, Maxi?

White with orange, black gladiator sandals.

My peachy orange Louie Vuitton purse will go well with the skirt.

Flawless! Let me snapchat this! Girl, you too pretty!

To who? Me? Lookin’ like Marilyn Monroe, sprayed painted brown and updated

I’m too busty, I’m cuffin’ with this skirt.

LaQuan call me heavenly, be he treat me like dirt.

Where am I to go? Who do I turn to?

All I hear is tuck it in, make it bounce, and hit the store.

But when I walk in, I have to hit the door,

Cause all they see is…my physique, not my…feelings.


If I was in a preacher’s kid’s shoes…

Been baptized since I was seven

In the choir since eleven

Don’t know how many times I’ve said the word “reverend”

Dad’s a pastor

Mom’s first lady

My life has always had a perfection expectation

Like the movies, but I’m not even acting

You’re gonna do great things in life

Like what? Be the next president?

I’m only in gifted and talented, Dad

And that was only by the grace of God, and your reverent reference

Why does everybody just keep giving me things?

Can I work for it?

Stop picking me out of the sea of raised hands

It’s not like no one knows I’m smart, everyone expects that I am.

But, hey, “My grace is sufficient.”

I don’t even understand what that means

And, can you just give it to someone else, please

I don’t want this high seat

The bullies still pick on me

Cause being the preacher’s kid, I’m supposed to turn the other cheek.


If I was in a questioning boy’s shoes…

Love’s a mountain, higher than Everest, deeper than the Pacific, longer than the Universe.

Girls never seemed appealing to me.

When I see one all I see is beauty.

Not much has changed since 9 years old except, my feelings are jumbled up.

Was I that attractive? Was I that suitable?

To be told he loved me but was completely capable of hurting me…like that.

Now what I see is fashionable girls and…cute guys?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty straight.

I’ve had girlfriends and all, but something has changed!

I’ve been this way my whole life,

My voice, my hands, the way I swish my legs, those were all my natural personality.

My compassion, my optimism, my lovability when I was unloving.

Those haven’t changed, what is it?

My love…yes, that’s it!

I can’t even see,

What’s so wrong with…me.

I’m blinded by status quo,

Kicked over by society blows,

Hungover, my drunken moans of confusion!

Why is my heart so heavy?

My soul wants something that it’s been craving for so long…

But what is it?


If I was in your shoes, what do you think I would do, say, think, believe?

If I was in your shoes, who would I be?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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