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I'm riding in a car with people I just met,
Realizing that my mind is so far away from theirs.
I look around outside the car window seeing the life I live in,
While questioning the thoughts that are going through my head.
The girls in the back seat are asking what movie we should see next,
While I'm thinking what other lemons life will give me.
The people I've just met,
Are the people I've known for years.
It seems like people are changing as the years go by...
Except me.
I have come to a point in my life where I'm starting to remember the lonelieness and hopelesness
That I have been through.
I'm riding in a car with people I just met,
And having flashbacks of my life when I didn't know anything.
Now I know too much.
Hearing the songs of my childhood in the radio,
Makes me think of how life used to be without the thoughts of teens getting pregnant,
Or parents getting divorced,
Or people begging for money on the streets like right now at this moment.
As I give the poor man all of the change I have,
I think of how his life used to be.
I'm not sure if the people in the car think that,
But I do.
I don't know why I'm thinking this.
These thoughts have never hit me until now.
But who cares?
I'm just a girl...
Riding in a car with people I just met.


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