Ezioqwu is my alter ego.

More importantly, he’s what I need when I need it.

He is my armor.

He protects me from falling prey to prejudice.

Ezioqwu is amicable.

He’s always telling me that my opinion matters.

I don’t have to be swayed by other people’s words.

Ezioqwu is my liberator.

He sets me free from stereotypes.

Gives me confidence to walk the path less traveled.

Ezioqwu is the Great Architect.

He makes me effervescent.

He shapes my character and builds my integrity.

Ezioqwu is a beacon.

He alerts everybody that this girl will not be intimidated by the norm.

Ezioqwu is an insurance policy.

If I stayed true to myself

I will avoid all the pitfalls others who follow society become victim to.

Ezioqwu is my personal mirror.

He shows my true character in vivid images.

I can’t hide anything from him.

He forces me to be true to others and myself.

Ezioqwu is the foundation I build myself upon.

The reason I am, who I am today.  





The term Ezioqwu will differ from person to person. The true meaning doesn't matter as much as what you think it means. It's unique for each person.

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