nature of self-esteem

is the value we place ourselves

confidence in our ability

to think

confidence helps cope

with challenges of life

confidence in our right 

to be successful and full of content

feeling of self-worth

well deserving

able to assert

our needs and wants

value ourselves

and enjoy the fruits

of our diligent efforts

self esteem

allows us to trust

in one's ability to make 

a great decision

regardless of the circumstances

it governs our awareness

as far as who we are

and our purpose of living

continuous reminders

of how to think and act

on behalf of our natural right

that embraces self-preservation

in many respects,

self-esteem is the best practice 

that helps rises above all hatred

like angry them racist white boys 

also known as kkk

self esteem is about taking responsibility

for one's decision and consequences

if a guy have unprotected sex with a woman,

there is no pointing fingers at the woman

placing all the blame on her if she is pregnant

or contracted with a disease that is fatal

real men forgive themselves and avoids

sliding into deprecating levels of self-loathing

this feels a whole lot better than cowards running

for sympathy

knowing all they'll receive in return is sorry, sad melodious symphony

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I truly loved this.

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Love it!

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