My Mask


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United States

My mask is tight.

I cannot breathe it is so tightly constricting.

It itches,more than the sand that wedges itself between a person’s cheeks at the beach.

It is uncomfortable and I hate it. I do not say hate about most things, but my mask, I hate it.

My mask is tight.

It can never come off.  

I would have fought the mask

If I was strong enough. 

It itches.

The mask is constantly nagging,

Gently prodding behind my ears and the back of my head.

It itches so much that my throat starts to itch.

It is like an allergy, constantly itching every time it comes near me. 

My mask is the Sadie everyone else wants me to be,

Not the Sadie I want to be. 

The mask makes me feel uncomfortable. 

My mask is tight,


And uncomfortable.

I wish I could just take it off,

But I never can

Because it was placed upon me. 


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