They say if I want to fit in

Than I should 

Walk like them

Talk like them

Dress Like them

They say that beauty

Is in the eye of the beholder

Well, someone needs to inform them

Because they say that in order to be pretty

Or to fit in 

You have to be like them

It's everywhere you go

On the television on your favorite show

On the billboards you pass on the road

On the books that you read

On the movie screens

On the cover of magazines

They are there

They are what we all wish to be

They have the perfect faces

With the perfect teeth

With the perfect long legs

And the perfect bodies

We know that they aren't that perfect

But we still want to be like them

We know that they use filters

And have the top make-up artist working on them

Yet we still

Want to spend hundreds of dollars 

So that we can have those clothes that they wear

Have that look  

By buying that $20 make-up 

They rule our lives

They rule our minds

But why ? 

Why do we let them decide

We need to take back our power

We need to show some self pride

We should stop looking to them 

To tell us what pretty is 

We need to become a me 

A I'm pretty

Instead of a their pretty 

We need to look at ourselves 

And set the standard

Because your you 

So you should be you

Instead of a them




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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