From Nothing to Something


Like many other girls out there

I struggled with my mirror.

But when I stopped and closed my eyes,

It helped to see ME clearer.


A phase had lasted but 2 years

When nothing seemed to help.

Physically, it wasn't bad

But it still felt like hell.


The tears would fall from night to night,

They truly blinded me.

But time is like a medicine,

And one day, I could see.


The lessons learned from watching weight,

When there was none to lose,

Taught me to avoid the hate

And to find something new.


The expectations from others

Sometimes can hold us back,

But when I quit crew, then I learned,

How to evade attack.


When I discovered who I was

(There is still more to learn),

A smile poked out from the tears

I knew I had returned.


Returned to feelings that make me

Feel freer and more true.

I use these aspects to help out

Those who feel lost and blue.


Volunteering gives me a sense

Of importance and value.

It’s beautiful to feel needed

When once it did not get through.


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