Dear Mom and Dad


United States
41° 50' 47.1012" N, 87° 40' 4.7172" W

Please forgive me, I know I'm nothing to be proud of
One awful monster created out of an act of love
The irony is often too much to take
I am sorry for being the worst mistake
I look at everyone else and never know who to blame
But every time I think about it, It's always the same
I leave a wave of destruction behind me
Hurting everyone I know, I'm lost at sea
Will I ever get this right? I don't think I will.
Not until this miserable beast within me has its fill
It feeds off agony and my pain
I don't mean it. I have nothing to gain
By causing so much damage to everyone I see
I should be locked away and throw away the key
Where I cannot hurt anyone and cannot infest the planet
I know how repulsive I am, I can't stand it!
I was an awful daughter and continue to be an awful friend
Taking advantage of everyone, I cannot seem to break this trend
I constantly search for a way to mend
The damage I have done to each relationship, I rend
Help me reach my ultimate end.


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