Mon, 03/10/2014 - 16:27 -- sgray4


Hey there did you hear?

Oh never mind

You seem very unaware

So let me tell you

Let me tell you

Tell you about ME

I am the one

The one and only

Don't go looking for an introduction

Because I am the



So you already know Im the End

Let me tell you

Tell you about ME

I am all the winners




And if I'm feeling generous I'll pretend I'm Three

Look at ME

While I succeed to explain

Explain than during the change of certain things

My uniqueness, style, nerve and realness are undoubtedly staying the same

You must be thinking that I am anti-forward-movement

But what I am saying is, why change what is the same and run the risk of altering its originality?

Now this is the last time

The last time I should have to explain ME

And if there is any need for repetition

Then you you just proved my case that I am More Extraordinary than you said I would ever be.



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