Sat, 07/27/2013 - 01:31 -- henaz94


She stares..She stares at her reflection, studies her own face as a stranger. Almost as a new born child seeing her face for the first time. Her skin worn and dry from all the years of living, her eyes caved in with bags of age tugging on them. Her lips dried and cracked from simply just not caring. Her cheeks sunken with her cheek bones high but lacking the satisfaction she seeks from the world. She waits for the first drop to quench her thirst for life. She seeks the rescue from the desert she's been trapped in. From the dryness crawling up from the bottom of her throat, silencing her. She looks up and waits for her salvation as she smiles at the darkness rolling in above. The beauty of it intrigues her as she sees herself as the darkness. Coming to rescue the Earth's from it's dryness of life. She watches as the dark takes over the light and starts to dance together bringing their lights down to the ground and shaking the Earth with their movements. A slight fear awakens within her telling her to run from the dark and find cover from it's liberation it brings to the Earth; she quiets her heart as she watches the dance above her awaiting her own liberation. The darkness screams and yells and throws down more of it's lights to touch the ground as she lays so serene. One more crash and she smiles as her freedom touches her face, rejuvenating her. She lays as she's touched by sweetness of her salvation. She feels around as the Earth itself comes back to life and quenches it's own thirst. Her skin fills with light as her lips reseal themselves. Her eyes brighten up as they release the bags underneath them. She gets up and reaches towards the sky to thank Him for herself back. As the darkness begins to roll away and the light wins the battle, her eyes catch the gleam of light from the reflection and she is reminded of who she is not who she was.


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