The way that I am

Mon, 11/17/2014 - 15:38 -- jmai91


When I look in the mirror, I see what I see,

my desires have driven me to blind true reality.

How can I tell if my soul has progressed?

Do I look at my grades, or the way that I dress?

Do I count the number of friends who have left my side?

Or keep my tears silent, as I watch the world cry?

While some feel the high to forget their pain,

I feel the high from everyone's gain 

in happiness from the small help that I can afford,

because I too can understand what it's like to be torn

from the joy of being only me

when all I could do was give a smile for free.

How do I know when I've reached my highest degree?

When I see the smiles come back to me.

I see solutions that I can build

while everyone else think that I'm ill.

But my confidence tells me that I've got the will-

the will to be pure and help the ill.

So to those who scoff at my esteem

and believe my imperfections would kill my dream,

I smile warmly back

with success in my track,

to show them the way that I am

brings perfection to the point where I stand.


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