My Abusive Mind



Don’t save

Not this

Not these words

They aren’t worth the space

Start over

This time you’ll get it right

Nope that’s not it

Pipe? Ripe? Kite maybe? No.

You’re dumb…

You cant even string together words

You wouldn’t be able to spell if you didn’t have Microsoft word

Dumb shit! You can’t rhyme word with words

Or words with words with word

Your poetry is as bad as your grades

You aren’t going anywhere,

not with that face.

You aren’t worth the space


Go to sleep

That’s all your good at

Your pathetic if you think tomorrow will be different

You suck at…

Don’t walk away from me...

“shut up mind, I’m going to sleep"

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wow! keep on the great work! i am impressed you wrote more than 50 poem! wow!

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