Thoughts on Individualism


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(poems go here) I am an individual.
A rolley polley like, nervous creature
but an individual none the less.
And though I may sing and speak in a whisper tone,
my insides are crawling with life.
I have occasionally crippling emotions which I like to journal about,
Or sing about, to myself.
I am a vocalist.
My voice is my window to the world.
Through my singing, however timid it may be,
I can let the raw power of exactly how I'm feeling at that moment
eject itself from my body.
I am a peach.
Sweet, and vibrant on the outside
with a hard pit in my core.
My core runs deep, and is not often completely surfaced
by any individual.
It is surrounded by sweet nectar,
which drowns it's inner most desires.
It hides from the onlooker, the friend, and the world.
I am an individual.
A tender, longing being
who desires to be longed for.


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