I'm breathing because I'm myself

Thu, 06/20/2013 - 11:16 -- cdb020


United States
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Why live if you’re not going to be doing something that supplies your happiness
Why live if you’re going to be questioned of why you choose to do what you do
Why even state that you have joy if you truly can’t wake up and sustain that feeling you had yesterday
I refuse not to express myself
I refuse to be like the next person beside me
I refuse to hide the feeling to make a spectacle of myself
If I can look you in the face and say that I was happy to change something about myself, because I love you then I deserve to die along with that lie
I may not fit in with you, and I may not fit the status quo of what it feels like to survive in this world, but at least I woke up this morning and chose to put on my big boy underwear, so I can go out and face the world.
I aim to allow my heart to be heard
I aim to let my spirit be seen before this shirt pants shoes face all of it can even get a chance
I aim to soar past societies chains and touch with the truth
The truth of what it meant to write what Calvin was chose to do
Because in this life why say you have the faith if you can’t even trust yourself to be yourself


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