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Masked from all light, hidden in plain sight
His outside appearance is fake, with interference
From his brain, he hears it, dazed with incoherence
The boy afraid to try, shrouded by fright.

No means for motivation, even less of inspiration
The laughs will cover that, the smile, the party hat
His parents will want him back, but not until after the fact
He’s filled with anticipation to complete the elimination

Just leave the boy alone, let him cope on his own
Let him pretend he’s alright, when he’s outside, he’ll get by
He’ll be fine, says the one who’s never dealt with these signs
Just make sure that he knows that you love him before he goes

Masked from all light, hidden in plain sight
The boy afraid to fly, yet unafraid to die
Confused with what is right, many will ask why
Why he did what he did, but all he can do is lie.

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