Sun, 09/17/2017 - 21:43 -- scschaa

Screaming and clawing,
Anxiety wraps her in its shroud
While jeering insecurity 
roughly grabs her face 
forcing her to look

At the mirror that once reflected joy
But now reveals a gaunt 
Unsmiling expression
Weary in body, mind, and soul
As fickle doubt softly whispers
In her ear 
That it will never be enough

At first it was simply 
A number on a scale
The lowering of which 
Brought fleeting relief
To neurotic and flighty obsession
Until it wasn't enough

So much lost, 
And so little gained 
Taunting envy would still compare her 
To others, never satisfied or sated
Because it will never be enough

Bold and brash,
Self-assurance pushes through 
Trying to resuscitate 
Quickly fading confidence
Doubtful to recover

As diseased and dulled optimism 
Attempts to rise once more
Desperately crying out to her
As her stare lingers on the glass

For a moment, just a flicker in time 
Lips begin to curve upward 
Carving a smile, so sickly and thin.
The moment ends
The pitiful grimace fades

As patronizing hopelessness 
Rests its talons on her shoulders
And smugly reminds her
That it will never be enough.


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