Welcome To A Harsh Reality


United States
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Why is no one answering my cries?
I lash out in hopes that someone will notice,
But all that responds is never-ending silence.
Music used to be my perfect muse…
Now it doesn’t even offer me comfort.
I walk this world –
Struck by reality.
All these people are around me,
Praying for a light.
Will you be their savior,
or are you just a fool too selfish for their good?

What happened to the government offering support,
Or generous people donating to the poor?
What about the homeless children that run the streets?
And the schools that can't provide proper teaching?
Instead of helping our citizens from the grave,
We lend hands to help bury them.

To solve this ‘financial’ problem,
What are the world’s plans?
Close the community buildings that are taking our money.
“They don’t bring support – Only tension.”
What happened to the concern about children in prison?
“We should also close some schools. There’s too many. We can’t control them.”
Now what about all the children who feel like they’ve been neglected?
Or the families you ripped apart, so the next generation could receive a ‘proper’ education?
Do you really believe this is going solve your complications?
Can’t you understand that you’re only starting the beginning of a revolution?

A mother kills her child because she has no money to support it.
She convinces herself that death is better than starving.
A father gets sentenced to jail after getting caught selling heroin.
How else was he supposed to pay the rent for his family?
A ten-year old child slits her wrist with a razor.
Why didn’t anyone help when she was raped and beaten?

I’m sick of the lies…
Of all the broken promises.
This world isn’t a game you can play with your eyes blindfolded.
When are all the people going to learn how to stop playing pretend?
Join hands like true neighbors and take a stand.
This isn’t a joke or some temporary nightmare.
This is the world that we created….
We are the only ones who can change it.

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