Relationship With The Sun


I have a relationship with the sun.
I have been growing upward.
The roots I have, came from the currents and the moon.
And still I grow.
I grow stronger with each eclipse.
I grow calmer with every sunrise.
It is my roots which shape me in many ways.
When I was a child,
my parents had so much pride in me.
So Much joy caused by me.
For children confer glory to a home.
But now, as an adult,
I am already taking control,
I make decisions,
both good AND bad.
And so much of that pride and joy has worn down.
And I am now grown,
But while my roots do shape me in many ways,
I shape myself with each passing day.
The currents and the moon guide my journey.
They are rapid, indecisive, and moody at best.
The moon has so much power over the currents,
whatever happens to the moon,
affects them.
The orbit of the moon is like my daily life,
 but with a few occurences that change daily.
SO I am the currents, and the moon is my life.
I am affected with each day,
Usurped by the  sheer force...
But I am still growing.
I am growing upward and onward.
And one day..
One hopeful, but disillusioned day in the future,
I will control my life,
and how it happens.
I will be the one to have all the power.
And in that day....
I will be the moon,
and my life will be the currents.

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This poem means to me that honesty is how my life will reflect the truth I seek. For example, the sun and its light in the 1st and 6th lines, make me feel like the lies and bad choices I make eventually come to the light and this affects my life. 

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