Sun, 03/01/2015 - 19:28 -- Cira



I am not my acne or its scars

That people see.

They always have solutions

To fix what isn't me.

I am not my small top lip

And little mouth.

I am not "imperfect curves"

A little bit too round.

I am not the clothes I wear

I am not too-greasy hair

I am not my 4.0

Neat test scores lined up

In a row

Not the clumsy way I walk

Nor the quiet way I talk.

I'm not depression

Through and through

I'm all me,




I am "See-ruh",

Skillfully pronounced

Not Sierra or Sarah

Or Kira.

I'm Cira.

I am compassion,

Kindness, strength.

I am beauty

In my own way.

Intelligence, love,


Just some of the components

Making up me.

I am a good sense of humor

With ticklish sides.

I am the ocean with all of

Its tides.

A majestic mountain

Still standing tall.

I am still here

Giving it my all.

Don't let anyone tell you

Who you are from what they see.

In your own way, you're perfect!








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Our world
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