Dear Self-Esteem

Dear Self-Esteem,

You probably already know this

but you're very low.

You are basically the ground.

The gound I step on everyday.

I force myself to ignore you;

I force myself to make others believe it's okay.

There's the saying, 

"Fake it til you make it",

But I don't know where making it is.

What it looks like,

how it feels.

Is it when I can stop hating myself?

Is it when I can look at myself and accept what I see?

I can convey the message

my life is together

when really it's falling apart.

I don't know who I am.

I don't know my worth.

But you're out here barely breathing. 

Self-esteem I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for

not trying to take care of you

not looking out for you

not realizing that it's a problem.

So for now

I will take small steps

I will look at my life

and see the good

see what i've done

and what I've accomplished.

I will see the beauty

of myself 

and my soul.

I will take a small step

and make sure not to squash you.

May we meet on better terms, 


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