I saw him today

He sits on the bench grasping his ticket 

he looks at the train schedules and sees that his train is not due for a long while. 

he looks out the window through the thicket

and sees no one, not even a single smile.

He walks out into the plaza to find it empty

all he can hear is a cricket.

he looks all around and not a single person in miles. 

He returns to the train station and sees an open door on a train.

He does not know where it goes but is not sure that he cares 

Just as he is about to crumble his ticket 

he hears a single voice then many voices. 

He goes out to the plaza and sees crowds of people for miles. 

He looks down at his ticket and decides to leave the trains station and go home

and wait for his train there for it is not due for a long while. 


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