I Can't Remember The Good Old Days


Do you know what it feels like....

to sit and wonder if theres more to living

to lay back and wonder what it would be like if someone was beside you

to smile and wonder if someone could see behind it

to cry and wonder if theres someone crying for the same reason

to sleep and wonder what would happen if you never woke up

to walk and wonder who's looking at you

to wake up and wonder if it will be your last

to talk and wonder who's truely listening

to be silent and wonder what would happen if you spoke

to get angry and just brush your anger aside

to need someone but theres no where to turn

to look at the world around you and wonder if you made a difference

to see someone smile and wonder if you can do the same

to stand out and wonder if you are still invisible

to hide and wonder if anyone will notice

to fall easily but wonder if you should ever get up

Do you know what it feels like... to be me?


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