Hahahah you're hilarious!
You thought this note was about how
You broke some girl's heart!
Comedy gold.
This is coming from a place you shut off long ago.

Clearly you lack confidence in some area of your life.
"She was the only girl you've ever loved?"
Please. I've been on that roller coaster and back more than
I'd like to hope.
Well, here I go again, wasting time and energy on some bloke
With his head enveloped in "noble causes."
So, say I've been the bold one and reached out,
Flirtatious and fun?
Who says a girl can't be chivalrous sometimes?
You? I'd NEVER have guessed!
Nice try, but I see through your coiffed hair and peremptory facade.

I'm psychotic, you say? Hello pot, I'm kettle.
But seriously,
You rife through girls like you have an addiction,
Only then can you cry over pills too large to swallow...

Maybe it's best that you never touched this one.
*insidious laughter*

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