Thu, 11/06/2014 - 10:48 -- 10-10


Doors without locks

Windows glued shut

One Zoloft by day

Insomnia by night

My week in a mental hospital

After I tried to make it all go away


Don't tell me I'm okay

I don't want to hear it

My stomach cries when empty

But it cramps when full


It isn't a voice in my head

It's an instinct

The smallest conflict

The greatest pain

Physical, emotional, mental


I wish my mom would stop telling me

That I need to go outside

I want to stay warm in bed

And sleep forever

It's the only time that I feel okay

Mother says that's called death


So when I die, 

I'll rest in peace

Won't I?


But maybe I won't

I don't really know 

What happened to 

Robin Williams, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath


So for now

There's a noose around my neck

I can't take it off

But I won't kick the chair either


And maybe tomorrow 

The noose will get a little less tight

And one day

I'll slip out, step off of the chair, and just walk away

Walking can be okay too


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