Oscar Wilde


United States
43° 19' 18.4404" N, 76° 34' 18.9876" W

"I could never make art."
They all say something different, but that's how it starts.
I'm not good enough, it don't look right,
I know this 'cause I've been there.
We all have - been there. You just don't know.
You can't figure it out, what's it about? Why should I go,
learn, discern and turn it about in my head?
I'm not meant to be an artist, musician, a poet,
so I'll take my voice and stow it inside.
I'll let it rot and die, be an engineer, steer clear
of that fear and try to let it go.

But what I wanna say is... Relax.
Take a step back, rewind, keep in mind
we've all been there. We know that fear in you.
It's scary, but it ain't that new.
See, art doesn't have to be good,
and I got more respect for a rat from the hood
with a can of spray-paint and a dream
than all of the "real artists" who think it's obscene
that this kid who don't know proportions
tried to make sense of the twists and contortions
of a world gone mild - wild, when you think of it.
We've all gone crazy, but only just a little bit.
So keep your chin up, little hood rat,
"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life,"
Oscar Wilde said that.


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