That She Is Me

That she is me

Her hair glistening in the sunlight

Making red and gold out of the brown

Her legs white as clouds

Becoming the shade that fits her perfectly

Her stretch marks splayed on inner thighs

Looking like tiger stripes, nice and wild

Her waist curved in and hips curved out

Showing the lovely shape of a woman

Her teeth crazy and crooked

Reflecting her inner child and making her unique

Her mind buzzing and moving

Knowing and learning as she figures things out for herself

That she is me

She has learned to love herself

She has learned that bad is good

She has learned that everyone is beautiful

But she still hides in public

Because she has learned that society does not see her beauty the same way she does

She has learned that society is cruel

She has learned that society throws knives

She wants to protect what she loves

That she is me

But how do I protect myself?


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