Inner Child: Struggle for Recognition


Why can't I be smart like those that I see?
Before I told myself--
you have your own strengths you must not flee.

But now I look with a different set of eyes.
...I stare and gaze with envy from afar
in my saturnine realm where time flies.

Asking will a hand appear to bless me with bliss?
What do I have to offer?
A kiss?

No, for surely it would only grant them death.
But what can I say about me
with my last single breath.



This is really good. Its something that I struggle with a lot. Im getting better at it but its a working process to not copare myself to others. Especially since my friends and family see like they are getting more successful yet Im stuck in this rut. But Im trying my hardest to get out of it and I know I will. Anyways just wanted to say thanks or writing this. Makes me feel like Im not alone in this.


thank you so much! I am really happy that the message was powerful even for at least one person because even one person counts as a difference.
I struggle with this too, even now.
You are very much NOT alone.

Keep fighting on!

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