Group Session

Thank you all for coming to Group tonight!
My name is Griffin and I am……
These were what I thought.
These were what I used to believe.
These were what I was.
Although I still don’t know,
I still don’t what or who I am 
and what or who I will become
I still am important and exist.
I am not wasteless space.
I do not need to be recycled
because my worth has not run out
my existence exudes purpose,
this is what I have learned.
Although I cannot definitely
fill in the blank,
I know that I am more than just one answer
I am more than one page in a book.
I am more than just one painting in a museum.
I am more than just one star in the sky.
I am more.
I am more than
I could ever imagine I will ever be.
I am a book savant.
I am an obsessor of pizza. 
I am struggling with my own faith.
I am young adult that 
yearns for his teenage years.
I am gay.
I am poser music hipster.
I am a poet.
I am a combination of more than just one label.
I am more.
and so are you. 
Thanks for coming to group hope you had a great time!

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