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Laugh like a childs'. Happy and free of worry. She is beautiful.   Her eyes are like stars. They shine, even in the night. They still shine brighter.   Her face; beautiful.
" MOON LIGHT" 🥀🥀 We living as stars . ✨ But only we don't fall, all night ball, like stars ✨ we own all night under the moon 🎑 light, charging my Star light. I wanna shine bright .
Let's watch the horizon together, From this crumbling rooftop, we built ourselves on. Let our legs dangle over the breathing city disasters, let them swing back and forth, like a metronome-keeping rhythm. 
On an ebony vessel, like the sea, A pale girl floats past a star, Her face is basked in red light, she From all gravity is far.   She blinks stardust from light lashes,
I will ring all the bells For your anniversary I will take out of my pockets Fancy and pretty exotic jewelries.  
Eu vou tocar todos os sinos Para o seu aniversário Eu vou tirar dos meus bolsos Joias extravagantes das belas enseadas.  
The cold night shining bright The stars above twinkling the wind, the sky dark and everywhere the sense of comfort so perfect and surreal the life i miss
Now the ageless moon is hovering over Fujiyoshida. I’m sitting here alone in the cold wind, Reminiscing about the songs that Suki wrote. Way up in the dark sky I see distant stars.
Le ciel bleu n’est pas le paradis Ce n’est pas du tout la même chose Chers amis.  
                                                   The blue sky is not heaven It's not the same thing at all Dear friends.  
Yellow flower, grieving flower, pale flower,
Wings of clouds, sail souls to see, seas of stars, Like happy children,  aura lifts lofty hearts from scars,
Acrylic lens lectured  with Sea’s skin, Sky’s eyes, and Earth’s tongue  In Clouds’ classrooms of purple sequins 
My soul is blanketed in the stars. I found pure glow, From my Earth’s soul; My heart loved it there.
We are complete in one another We are perfect perfection to apex perfectionism individually  We are a temple of each other’s worship
The world is born in the sky  The end is at the breath of the sea Each dream on the waves is taking high a star at a time
I drank the moon  It was blue at noon My heart was snatched by bloom I was mad as insanity driven soon Each rev was mind blown as the moon and noon
Let the stars feed your mind with me  While your celestial imagination and physical creativity 
The stars over our village no longer shine for you and me. And we don’t kiss in the light of the moon any more. .
If you can, sunshine, look up at the sky. There you'll see stars, and this all will pass by.   Our world is on fire, but just hold on tight. I'll sing to you, sugar. Our last lullaby.  
Someone told me once that we only see stars when they’re dying As if death was the most memorable thing about them And it makes me wonder.   You know depression is an empty space A universe of no life
Where are you, oh twinkles? You are nowhere to be seen. On whom will I sing jingles, If I can't see where you had before been?
You and I are what's left of the Big Bang All else has been smashed together again Mixed and abhorred until it no longer resembles the Stardust from which it was made But you, you, you, you
i awoke and pondered how the day would unfold then i paced and wondered what each minute would hold 'til the seconds unfurled and the clock hands whirled and the smirking moon curled, the night sighed, stars twirled
the stars burn on my fingertips, a supernova at my hands, but the clouds shush my eager lips, and only the planets would understand.
Alisa, you’re my conquest; you’re my wife Darling, when you’re beside me, You brighten up my world like the light of day My happiness is being where you are .
Why is the sky silvery, gray and blue? How many stars are in the universe? Can the grains of sand be counted? Who arranged the colours of the rainbow? What makes the sea stop at the shore?
To the lost eyes that twinkle above me in the absence of the light, Guide me to tomorrow.
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaky and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous. And amiable.
"WHAT I'M FEELING" She's somewhat freaking and desirable. She's a gem like and extra- ordinarily gorgeous.
Sanely baby, and certainly you're that which my heart ♥ craves. My soul traveling on the highway reaching you. My original copy This Lovecraft is unstoppable. For the sparkles✨in your eyes dazzle.
I want to tell the stars that I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the nights I couldn't see. The nights they couldn't see me. Jealous clouds often hiding their beauty. I'm sorry for the nights I stared,
  I want to touch the sky and feel the indigo blue; All of its cool beauty, like a pool of water in winter.   I want all the stars to gather around me,
I gazed upon the darkest sky and then I saw -- The stars. They flash like fiery embers through and through -- To east, to west. They're everywhere. To north to south Like precious jewel there, so distinct and rare.
What is it about the night that makes people so scraed? Is it because of the fact that they know that if something bad were to happen, they would not be sparred?
Truth be told it's the stars that remind me of you. How they sit up there shimmering and shining, completely outnumbering and surrounding the moon. Yet each one falls so short of her brilliance, her magnitude.
I'm ready to become one of the infinite stars take over the sky and let's make it ours   and when you feel lonely sitting still in the dark look up at me and feel warmth in your heart
i fell for you like the stars  fall for the moon   and most days i wonder if you've fallen for me too
I dream of climbing out my window in the dead of night Perching myself on the rooftop and gazing up at the stars The worlds different when it's dark out It's still
What makes a joke If not the laughter? What is a dream If not what we are chasing after?   What do the stars hold So closely to their heart? Why does the painter paint If not to make art?
All my life I've been told that home is where the heart is But that was the last thing you took from me Leaving me with only scraps of wood for support As I crumble to bits and pieces from a broken heart  
In the middle of the night When the sky shines so bright I look up at the stars Even though it is far Not a single sound 
The world looks up at her,  She shines, supernova, stardust. Spectacular in her grace. Watch her as she tiptoes, Dancing, gliding, glowing. My constellation, my muse,  My zodiac.
She shines bright Like the moon Stars twinkling In her eyes   And yet no one sees That those stars Are starting to
he looked at her like she was the sun. that is, he squinted and cowered in the face of her absolute radiance.   Years later, someone else looked at her like she was the moon. that is,
Edge of time I stand in silence watching the coming of the end high in space in a speed a light take flight as my tent fades away it was my vehicle my ship undress to find a little rest
When I see the color Swirl onto the white canvas My walls crumble before me My world grows bigger The wild prairies of Kansas  Sleep under the night sea That which held countless stars that hover
When flying, One should be careful.   So many things could go wrong.   You could be like Icarus-- so enamored  by the light by the wind and the great,
The moon so high above us makes me wonder. Watching the city lights and people that lie thereunder; Stars like pin-pricks in this raven night,
the skyline shows hopepeople exclaim, but i sayi can’t see the stars
Inconsistent little bugger, one night here the next elsewhere. While I lock eyes with the North Star I barely catch others there.   Innocent in flare, youthful in passion.
Have you ever taken a moment To look at that bright planet Hanging in the night sky that they Tell you was once a place We called home?  
Sometimes, when I am lucky,  I can get away long enough to see the stars. Far from the noise, from broken memories and fear of "never enough." To a wide open space where the news cannot reach.
Streets with lanterns, Sidewalks with kids playing games,  Trash Cans with street cats. Shadows of it’s tall, old, french buildings.
Numerous white stars Sweet to look at and admire Powdered sugar sky
High In the sky sat the moon. Perched on his throne of night.  In a sea of stars he lay, shining ever so bright. The Sun asked him how he did it. How could he stay awake for so long?
Shhh… we must whisper when we say this. This is for you my regrettable desire This is for the Love I thought we could’ve had And the love we never will have 
This is to the dreamers  To the star crossed lovers to the ex-bestfriends And the hopeless wonders  This is to the sleepless nights 
The star shine is bright, blinding sparkling blue and red and orange and yellow so she has to squint. The contrast of light against the  total black of the night sky is nearly unbearable.  
Whenever I look at the sky I feel infinite The sun shines on my face The clouds move above The stars always glitter
The sun's fire is fading, as night's ocean rises.   Cold. Endless. Dauting.   I am not afraid, for the night does not conceal.   It reveals something more,
truthfully, vulnerability is like an open flamebut you take the leaplike an astronaut
The stars around me, that push me, Are the ones who burn. Who Breathe the flames of tongue and language And laugh to paint skies blue.   Their firy smiles spark And make me run and leap.
When the sparkling Sun has fallen, Darkness drags across the land, Then I hear the stars callin’ And I wait, my pen in hand.   Some nights they speak of nothing, So I hold my pen in vain.
I have a fear of the unknown.  The idea of space frightens me, an endless void where what happens to me does not matter. I am afraid of meaning nothing. My room is full of stars,
Stars that waver in the night Its cold exterior rippled by the comets shed The aurora night sky blooms in unknown emotions The cosmos is all she weeps for
It's midnight and I can't sleep Again I'd like to think you're still here Still roaming down the hall searching for what you'd lost while you were breathing
There's nothing more depressing than pigeons in the park. Did you know that stars are most likely burnt out by the time we see their light? Your soft lips in the light of the exit sign,
Its just another night and Im starin again at the moon. Lookin at the stars, Remembering of how we've been through. Its just another night without you.
i walk amongst an ocean of stars in a world of shadow. touch the reflection, obsessive perfection. the uncertainties of my mind permeate my very step, a constellation of faces in unfamiliar places.
Her face is like the midnight sky. The whites of her eyes are half moons, and the stars escape when she cries. I hope she doesn''t anytime soon, but I've tagged her with graffiti constellations,
Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
Dull stardust dims the light that no longer reflects the Sun.Night reigns eternal, silent and dark,Echoes sounding off to make sure they aren’t alone.This was the Queen of the Day’s before she vanished,
Acne dapples your face just as stars blemish the sky. I’ve seen you look in the mirror to ask yourself why. You seize the concealer, yet your smile, still wry, because no one picks up a brush
Sophia full of wisdom and grace. The sun radiates from her face. Beneath her feet the moon does lay. A crown of seven stars upon her head, resting, do they stay. In the beginning, you hovered over the face of the earth.
The moon rises to take her place in the night sky. She is surrounded by her children, before their light begins to die. The sun sets and descends to the underworld, leaving the world dark and cold. But yet, there is a light so bold.
At my window sit Heaven’s pearly gates, Comprised of beaming starlight. The only view of paradise I’ll ever obtain Is the stars that dot the night.   Are these the winged angels of old,
Looking up I will see the Archer high above me his bow pointing at me his star eyes staring coldly fear it surrounds me   as I flee knees collapsing
Twinkle, twinkle little star Far away, Make a wish. Twinkle, twinkle little star Please my wish, Please come true.   Little me, Oh how cute! You thought looking at the stars
Off you go, daughter To a land of your own For you and yours To glow, and grow   I love you, and I love you too
The stars of your eyes glide over my life Your constellations have me hypnotized Fantasizing about your planets I blast rocket ships into your space
My aspirations were like grand constellations Plucking one dream after the next   Then came the Big Bang of adolescence With every burning goal Came a larger person To put it out  
Your eyes reflect the light of a thousand stars Your hair mirrors the golden rays of our sun Your heart burns with the heat of a supernova You are made of stardust.
When I was little I used to be angry at the world For letting the night sky Grow dark.   I was angry at them For taking away the stars
I am not her, Not my past, Nor a name.   I am not the order Of the stars, Or the gods of the months, Or the beasts that follow the moon.   Our value no more than
The busy streets of adulthood is flooded with cars The traffic goes by and next thing you know, you see the stars The busy streets of adulthood you wished to be as a kid Time flies by and you wish it didn't
She is the light of my life. Was, though now I remember all the  softness from her. Purity, which sickened like the yellow skin spread over her in the end. Sunshine always lit up the sky and
star-spun imagination making everything about the sky see the galaxies in her eyes the stars in her hair
We see the stars not empty space When looking at the nighttime sky; Dark will not win, it won't erase.   We turn our cheek, sun on our face
When a hush lies across the land Stillness rare and precious When the birds flit bright in the forest Sparks of the flame of life When the sea lies calm under a layer of crystals An opaque expanse of serenity
Stars shine in moonlight Disappearing in your eyes Night reflects wonder.
I forget them in the day time, all the little lights At me they wave and blink and do their damndest to get my attention, but I pay them no mind
The sky, The sky How true, How blue All day bright, With cuts long and white But all night dark, With beautiful points of light  
Do you ever look at the stars and just leave home? Leave earth? Because when I see those shining beauties dotted like white paint, They take me to a universe without any distractions. An interesting thing about stars,
Slow dancing to Sam Cooke under the mountaintop stars, Cooking creamy chicken parmesan alfredo Saturday night While hearing the pot singing and sizzling. Laughing until our insides crumble in pain,
this little tiny star she would like to go so far would you take her to the moon bring her back safely soon **i wrote this two years ago so dont come for me**
Have you ever looked up at the sky during a cold winter night, wondering if there’s somewhere nothing exists? Where time doesn’t have meaning? Where even rogue planets don’t dare go?
the stars fell from the skys, and settled upon her cheeks.    moonlight flowed from her fingers,  illuminating everything she touched. 
Some nights you feel like there's a thousand galaxies exploding in every inch of you and you are burning too bright to ever be looked at directly, and some night you feel impossible small,
Everyone you have ever met,  has left an impact on your life. Whether you’ll remember it or not. Sometimes the ones who leave the biggest imprint on your life are the ones you’ll never meet.  
You shine in the abyss,  A beckoning brightness beaming  Forth with advice and encouragement.    You pull me aside after class  And softly, subtly, smilingly 
The nothingness of space envelops me As I drift amongst a sea of stars. Cold, unfeeling, this is the space we exist in,
I am half universe, half me.The power of stars, whole galaxies absorbs at me.The sun lives in me, through me, surrounding me.I am the universe & the universe is me.No boundaries, just love.
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
I looked up Shocked to see the stars They seemed like a myth A story So often I had been out at night Yet, I never before looked up To the stars I never before Stared Watched
It's silent but it's so alive.It's cold but it's real.It's dark yet it's beautiful.It's everything I feel.
Gave of salacious self, your just due My one and only dream I wanted to come true Earthbound after a meteorite crash Healing properties within this castaway shall come to pass Wings has been tenderly clipped
We met in the stars. The moon, acted as our spotlight as it shown our silhouettes waltzing alone For on that glorious night, there were no sin to atone.
The stars, Like headlights, On the New Jersey Turnpike, Stuck in constellation traffic.   The moon whispered my name
gazing up at the midnight sky she admired the vast gleaming stars above and wondered   wondered, if they saw her too wondered, if they loved her too   the cool breeze beside her was nudging
i know wandering and weeping poetswith hardened eyes but gentle souls,and i know happy poets who tookthe world and gave it a heart, somebroken poets who healed up well,some who don't want me to write
Sometimes, i just think what if i left everything behind me? and i flew to the sky beyond ours that we see at night silence would be all around no hateful words to be found living on a star
The thermosphere is showered with stars Sprinkling the inky infinity with transcendent luminescence Deep crimson to brilliant sapphire, they radiate Forcing even souls of malice and anxiety to eternal serenity
I look into your eyes and cannot begin to explain the deep passion that burns in my heart for you. I devote my every waking moment to you, for I live to 
If poems could weep sweet dripping words that speak the heart's pounding defiant secrets once forced hushed to a peep, then let my pen stir rivers and streams,
like the sun and all the stars she was bright - - as lovely as the flowers as beautiful as the - - more radiant than all as joyful and hopeful as a wishing star always the smartest
I need my fucking space. I take my place in fucking Space Spacebound Spacewalking Spaced-out
Deep in the night, we are silent below the stars shining bright. Our hearts pound for words unsaid. Our thoughts profound run rampant in our head. We’ve never told anyone not even our own
I look forward to The long summer nights, When we’ll laugh until we’re gasping for air, When we’ll run through the grass pelting each other with water balloons. We’ll clink our glasses of water
The world is dark  Not a single spark Here I sit on a bench in the park The Earth seems so boring and stark And I wonder what the world is like up there   Among the stars Playing on Mars
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
i am the stars. i am not the moon. i am not the sun. i am not the brightest thing in the sky
I want to spend all my lives with you; I don't want us to ever be apart. I think we're stuck like glue; You're the beat of my heart. I think we were meant to be;
At times I wonder Where I'm headed in this world.   Where is my place?   In an office, the monotony of keyboards? In a bus, a vagrant of burnt-out success?   Or among the stars above me,
Life,   I wonder what it would be like to be filled with love. With nothing more than the feeling, I get when I look up above. Those stars, they are a part of you and not apart from you.
Dear Sky,   I’m so sorry little star, You’ll be next to go Light keeps disappearing behind the char We must reap what we sow  
Oh my dear,  Before you were born, two stars held hands, and said, "let's run away." They went to a shady diner on the planet Pluto to devise a plan, when they found a solar gun.
Lark,   My voice could never reach your ears, but I hope this letter might. Listen for a moment, nothing more. Let my moonlit misery reach your heart and fall into you.
Midnight When galaxies hang above me Like a mobile over a child's bed For me to stare   While dark matter dives past Pirouetting planets Meteors shatter, showering the sky
Looking up at careless stars Silky black stuff holding Mars Hands just touching Four eyes reaching Empty pit of tar  
If I could find a mirror, I'd clean it through and through. Then, resolutely, I'd show a star to you. While superficially unassuming, Within the glass you'll find Ghosts of a cosmos once blooming;
  I. The universe existed for more than billions of years. Planets came and left. Stars burst and lived.
Youth brings wonder to every front Noble venture to deadly hunt My naive eyes half-lidded and veiled Once envisioned the stars man scaled  
When I’m judged every day evidently And I come to think my mother was right How could I ever live genuinely Could I ever be loved for just one night;
She walks the night on star staircase by the moons silver glare glides along the glittered sky as if wings held her high her eyes reflect the wounder of the night a voice like a harp in the wind
I Wish Upon a lot of the stars in the sky To become and to bloom and expand into something that I could never be right now I just want to go To go run across the earth and pump my legs as fast as I can
There's a night sky star And as I watch, it twinkles from afar A simple one in the sky I don't understand why A shooting star I miss It's like an endless abyss Many stars illuminate the night
  Darkness and rain Anger tightening the pain Even the stars they rage In ceasing to exist in this game Of all the time of eternity And all the places we could be A light reached me,
Night is an infinite rotation of stars Across a sky that outlines infinite black power lines And radio towers, with a repetitive, slow blink Like the eyes of a lightheaded, lusty lover They blink
When God crumpled the stars And made people Scattering these borrowed atoms across The earths skin Did he await the day that I would find you?   And as our ancestors died and rejoined the stars
Stars speak of what they see Countless nights I spend surmising you and me The moon shines bright above the horizon Exaggerating the intense feeling, never to be gone Even in the darkest nights
As the storm passed the sea hushed. The winds aroma of salt and  the calm waves send her in a sway. As a child of the cosmos, her soul belongs to the universe. Her lungs fill with moon dust.
you think a lot you think about the space above the planets and stars when you're sad and alone oh how you wish to be a star you bet stars don't have to deal with what you have to deal with
I was named for the stars Those illuminating, bright specks of light painted across the night sky In a disorderly, puzzling manner
to the stars lightyears away can you hear me way out there? do you feel my tearful stare as i silently speak to you in what can only be called prayer   on the planets in your orbit
I’m so glad I found you Do you know why we found each other? It was destiny Long ago When we were still stars We touched Gently and lovingly And we were separated
People say when you miss someone To go look outside at the stars and moon To then take comfort in knowing that even in the distance between you They could be looking up too The view is shared with others
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
  I’m waiting on forever The stars told me you would be there My heart rests easy knowing You will be there   Though now may not be our time
My body drifts along tranquil black waters I can stretch my fingertips out and imagine trailing them in the onyx pool beneath me Maybe I'll feel it stir under my hand give way                cradle me
You are the Moon I am the Northern Star   They need you close to pull their tides to change their course and light their nights.   They need me far not to light their way
There's a lot of thingsYou should do in life;Things that you can doFor someoneJust because of the words "I love you."I know where this goes,  
I want to look into your eyes And see the stars shining bright I want you to whisper in my ear And feel the shivers run down my spine   Your caress is what I long for A fire to warm my skin
i. sun: the light of all life. Ive had many suns in my life, people I thought would be the center of my universe forever. After the last person, I swore to myself I’d never put anyone there again.
It’s been a year: 365 days, 8760 hours, A full rotation around our star.   I left you on the pier: A boat filled dock,
I only love you For who you are, more than a Thousand shooting stars My heart, my life, and the stars Because I love you, I'll give
The girl who makes the stars explode And the boy with a mountain for a soul Oh to be the girl Loved by both Oh to be the girl
I like to love, maybe as much as i like falling in's new and exciting and has a thrill to the ends of itUnlike anything else you can get.It's so easy,It's so hard,To love too many at once,
It is with delicate breath and soft hands that I create worlds for you. I hold both in trembling regard, Wondering if gifts of word are brilliant enough for a Universe.
She has flowers in her Golden wheat hair. Her limbs are tree branches, With leaves at her fingertips. Her eyes are brilliant stars; Her face glows with warm sunlight.
When I look into the night filled sky  I see not stars but, rather, complete and utter darkness Fore all of the millions of star are to be found in your eyes  
your eyes are as bright as the twinkling starson a cloudless nighteveryone can’t help but to stop and stareat the beauty of the earthuncovered in the night skygracefully dipped in moonlight
Holding your face I calm you down tonight Chaos happens outside the bedroom at the party A typical college night It's quiet inside the room Just the two of us in the world
Your light shines bright, It guides me through the night, It allows me to see through the depth of the darkness, And casts deep shadows across the ground from the trees, Frogs and crickets shout with glee,
The Neverland Fan     I never want to grow up! What’s the point anyway?When you can fly up in the sky, and play around all day. 
There are bulldozers on the moon run by burly men. They dig through the translucent flesh pulling up marshmallows and leaving pools of caked blood. From down here they form a rabbit
My girl is like a starry night. But without the bleakness. And only the stars. Sometimes there are clouds, But they are clouds of anxiety That cover up the light and glints Of fiery spikes of planets.
Dots in the sky To connect our sins So that we see them   The unforgiven ones Will be green The forgiven ones Will be white
The Story of The Stars 
Her hair shines fire in the sunlight Like in the sun is the only place she belongs  And the moonbeams caress her dark skin Like she has always been a part of the stars  And the universe glimmers in her eyes 
And I think it’s funny Looking up at the sky In the darkest of nights Like those days I looked in your eyes I can see everything I see all this world We are just a speck 
an endless deepa void so vastholes drain spaceof stars so fastand any hope theyhoped to castlight in streaksdisappears in mass  
This is two poems in one day, but so be it.   Psalm 147:4 ~ He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Isaiah 40:26 ~ Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these?
The stars are your friend. Twinkle sharp in the sky, Against the dark, I can't decide If your radiant or stunning. Maybe both. Your beutiful like bird songs. Hard to understand,
I’m imagining a sky, A sky full of lust and desire, Clouded by the very lies that resurface, Each night in your eyes as you rise, under the starry night sky.   From your bed and into the stars,
A bright hazy gleamBoth solemn and giddyTrapped inside a dazzling dreamIs this magnificent city
Twinkle twinkle little starYou always put me in a tranceSo beautiful and brightYou were my good ol' pastScience, knowledge, rocket scarsWhich I was never thankful forBecause now after they came
We laughed at stars And talked shit, But all we really wanted to do was understand;   Understand the ache in our bones And the sudden emptiness in our eyes,
The summer breeze fills the air,
as you watch the midnight sky, unaware whose watching how your  nose is chiseled and whose thinking your melanin is amazing, and who's imagining angel wings popping out of your back and whose currently
Behind the dark sky of clouds A sun rests, with all its' stars And as I walk, forever proud Of my many universes that are Behind the clouds, behind the sun Behind anything that has not yet begun
We Might've Been   We might've been the curving night - dim, blinding and empty We might've been your mother's knife - sharp, hard but flimsy We might've been the tiled floors
I sit here alone in the dark staring out the window counting fading stars waiting. Waiting for dreams that will never come true Waitig for promises to be pursued 
Las estrellas piensan que llorar es un pérdida de tiempo Queme brillante Su luz eclipsa el cielo Cuando tu muertes Los nubes llorarán
So every person I am drawn to For an unwavering spirit  And a heart of gold Is taken or young or nonexistent And though many stars point to them They are unreachable for a Girl stuck on planet earth.
Sometimes the brightest star The one carrying the most promise And the object of your love and hope                         f                              a                                    l
Early morning-when darkness has not yet been chased away by the fury of light-I look to the stars.In their magnificent realm they are the rulers,but in ours,they are subtle sings of hope.
At 11 past, each 1 parades to the stars each semi colon begs for a chance for a seed to grow steadfast into a tree  Nearby, a girl of seventeenpleas with the clock to open his arms wide and let her in. Far away, a boy of eighteenglances at his pho
The wheel of the year started with me in the sleeping death that is ashen winter snow. Everything that had been there had burned away; only charred remnants were left in the dead sea of what was.  
Do we react like universes? And Experience ourselves ironically? She sleeps -- she's peaceful now -- on soft white sand; The ocean of her eyes starts looking starry. But I am drowning. Just 'cause I'm supposed
I thought we were closeLike the constellationsClinging to one anotherAgainst the pull of the night sky  
ACT I The thing that shaped my year?   Well…it was not a what,   or a when, or a where,   or even a why…   It was a who.   But who…was this who?
For being able to walk outside and look at the constellations, I am thankful. I spend hours outside tracing the stars with my fingertips, creating combinations astronomers haven't even thought of yet.
Stars stuck on my ceiling, so I’m making wishes in my room about you. I’d go outside but the clouded judgement of the moon is hating on my thoughts of you, So let’s wait till the morning; I’m your flower.
City lights and pollution covered the sky. Will he ever see the stars glimmer through his brown eyes? He was lucky to see the moon. Most nights helicopters and airplanes had taken over where stars were supposed to loom.
i'm from the top of the mountain close to the sky where the men don’t yell and the kids don’t cry where the clouds taste sweet
Of course the stars have inquired and required  so many thoughts and actions toward them. The stars ask us  in whispers to notice them  every night. The stars above see us below
II looked up and saw a solemn darkness with muted stars that dotted the face of the sky like freckles (nary a constellation in sight!).
  We Blame Them  for The  way  we Act   in   life and for  our  general   traits
Not acquainted with these Nights.. Peculiar, yet neighbor to them, related to them... stop enabling him! Departure from the gates. dubbed the savior to him! Channeled through his precognition
like bird afraid of heights Or night losing moon and stars In her eyes Your heart was always mine .. -Jordan Jessie
I am drifting To see these stars collide And have their everlasting suffering Explode from their fingertips. They dance. Like waves of mercy Too fast to grasp, Yet they cry for forgiveness.
you you are a black hole you consume everything you touch and collapse in upon yourself when there is no more for you to hold tightly to the void that trickles like ink when you speak
Stars in the sky up very high. Like a tapestry  woven of a dark blue and sparkly hue. Bright and pure filled with myth and lore.
my eyes will not enchant you friends will not ask why can't you escape pervading thoughts of me like a stream dreaming shots of sea   you will not wonder how i cross a room
he's the star that shines, the moon in her darkness the anchor of a boat lost at sea. his fingers turn, like clockwork mending all her broken pieces -chipped- one, two, three, by time.
once i reached for the Moon,   fishing pole in hand,   i grabbed for it   and grasped-   DESPERATE  
When I feel despair rise in the back of my lungs And the grip of it strangling me from within Then I feel the call of my siren Beckoning me for a midnight meet  
Love, what have we here? This is the stuff of dreams, the magic of the stars. This is the beauty of the skies, the song of the heart.
The ancient Incans used the dark spots in the milky way as their constellations Instead of depending on the brighter points in the sky They allowed the emptiness to rule their life
oh icarus, how deeply you l o v e d but oh          how                 carelessly                                  you       f
I have to say goodnight to my beautiful stars. I'll walk away, but you'll always be in my heart. I hear you calling my name. I hear your message clear. But I'm here on the ground. Too far to respond.
Upon a night with starry sky A spring-winter mist that flutters by Young crickets chirp a tune so deep Since the birds have now all gone to sleep   'Neath a tree so draped with vine
 Get in the car. Drive for a little while. Among the dusty plains. It's a place I call home. Don't know anything else. Purple ringed skies. In the air carries no lies. I can breathe easy tonight. The radio is real loud. But it soothes the soul.  A
I used to talk to trees. Often I sought their branches to hold me when I felt my body to small to contain what I held. They would talk me back into it- taught me how to grow inside a husk 
 NOTE: The original looks like the image     Peach  Yawning, the light of a passing day dips the horizon in an apricot die  
Night Watch   Take me back to laying on the hood of the car Watching the stars Well wishing on stars, which turned out to be Mars Just forgetting who we are
i've given up on skipped breakfasts and hurrying out the door before giving my mother a kiss this is a short life i've seen 19 summers and sometimes it feels like too many
Her light is overlooked. Just as I arrive my lover leaves. All I have are the stories the stars leave me with to get me through. I go on for her. My hope is that one day she and I will be one.
I stopped looking for monsters under the bedWhen I came to see they lived in my headWhoever tells of a monster that hidesNever had one to abide besideOh, full of scorpions is my mind
At night I'm the darkest sky The stars are my path The moon is my guide My mind travels To far away places Where my grass Is greener From the other side
Not all that is magic comes out of a black top hat Because stars burn above in pitch black. It's a clump of gas that can hardly contain itself But that doesn't stop us from looking up And spilling our hearts out.
Dark secrets stalks the night as the moon raised The steps of the secret edges closer As the moon fetches the ocean praise But I couldn’t clutch my secret forever Each day my passion ablaze like the stars
Under the moonlight, I understoodwhy darkness asked for my companyor why the stars were winking at meeach dreamless night.I knew of my existence not as a human
Shivers on skin-I walked among stars,held them in my armsand embraced them tight,as I felt how my veins filled up with light.I, too, wanted to be a fallen one,to look for a placewhere I could hope
Tonight should be made holy,it should be painted with lightsand up there, in heaven, together with themshould your luminous face reside.Tonight should be kept safebetween your eyelashes 
I am still just a shadow.I am still just star dust.I am still part of a Universe I never quite knewbut I'm homesick for. I bleed only to pull the stars out by their edges.
She was a gazer of the stars You could see it in her eyes She'd sneak out late at night Just to stroll beneath the skies   Her eyes forever upward Searching for a light Her heart only beating
I hail from a tribe of giants. Men AND women each grand In size and heart and mind. Titans who built the world up  And gave it greatness.   I hail from a clan of giants. Four brothers-
It is my unalienable right to not be here right now. I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness and this isn’t it.Maybe stars get lonely too,Thousands of miles away from their closest friendMaybe they are sick
Stars up above Upon which hang wishes Of young children Old folks And perhaps even The occasional Starstruck lover Dreams of something Even better Than what you have
Imitation stars.Bright lights for a shadow heart.Wonder where the imitation starts And he begins.
The sky is eerily starless tonight And it is like the universe senses that I am not ready to see the stars  Hidden in the darkness I am waiting for the clock to strike twelve And for you to admit that you were wrong
Chasing for a deeper meaning behind the twinkling lights above just as the man who stands inches away.
Humans and stars. Stars and humans. Both mysteries only known by one.
Staring up at the midnight sky, hear the quiet passing by. We can't get those thoughts out of our head, so we keep them in until we are dead.   Twinkling stars that are shining so bright,
Every atom in our bodies Once belonged to the stars And I think that our stars  Were in love But they were light years away And they missed each other Because when I first saw you
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
I stroll among the hymn of the stars That open the gate to heaven The moon sings a beautiful song That shall be sung forever
The Openness of Rhyme and Reason   Poetry is… the space between words better left unsaid. The cruelest of sharp criticisms and
they say a picture is worth a thousand words if that is true, then your smile is worth an infinite amount more than the stars that gleam in the night, like a beacon for the moon your smile is my light.    
You chased stars,I ran after trains You threw yourself into dreams,And I jumped in front of carsBut in those moments When we sat by the tracks And looked into the sky Together,
As we sit on distant shores, And dream of what may come, The world it turns and as they burn, The horizon is dotted with open doors. For in the rush of a day, The chaos of a week,
Have you ever looked into the stars? You see infinity, but you feel the mystery, You soon discover a chapter that was never meant to be seen, The chapter that holds the mystery and spoils the ending,
With our telescope we stole looks at the stars, sliding on pine needles stabbing softly into our backs but it was the night that stole us.  
The sea runs through my veins And stars have landed in my eyes I wish to travel the stars To see them in their natural glory
Standing knee-deep in waves it could otherwise  Drown in, Reaching toward the water, Black with tears and blood and bad memories, A body standing aimlessly, dead before Drowning.  
Although stranded I may not be alone with the heart of a daydreamer and a handful of stars.
And he dipped his hand In her dying sea And filled it with a galaxy Straight from his heart Undying, overflowing-ly
Perhaps she was too good to be real Left to tempt But never to materialize. All good things are temporary, All but the stars. Even when the moon disappears Those twinkling orbs glow on,
It is not the ocean I see in her eyes, But the radiant Moon, The contellations that define our galaxy, And the Sun we endlessly revolve around. She is infinite, Lost in herself as I long to be.
You are the Earth's most stunning mytery. Scientists have tried to figure you out. Under a shade you hide your history, Nobody seems to know what you're about.   I guess you think you're being humble,
Heaven is in love with Sky, the sky in love with Earth. Earth's in love with mortal life while mortal life looks up to view the stars in Heaven's grasp and wonder what they were.
I hated him so terribly, so much so, I was confusedI wanted to bury my fists deep into his chestand slide them out comfortably "The thing is," he said, "I tried"We're both asteroids on a forgotten constellationAnd I held his gaze, held in my anger
I'm sorry for all of my stupidity, But maybe I shouldn't have moved to the city. Usally in this world I do not cry, I just buck up and stare at the sky. When I see the smaller stars in the sky,
The sun is a favorite star, until it sets. then there is only you. shining in a brilliant darkness, you and I  in an ocean of messy stars. i am so small in this place-
  Millions of years ago And millions of years from now We will be looking at the same stars in the same sky Thinking the same thoughts our ancestors thought   Through the bright twinkle in the sky
My romance is of sun and sea and all the sky between, The points of aether moving back time twice forgot reseen.  
I remember how you would look up at the night sky. Your eyes would look up in wonder at those little twinkling lights, a smile would sneak upon your face. And for a moment, you would glance back towards me.
the stars have a rhythm when they twinkle have you noticed? if we could hear them, what would they sound like? what melody are they playing?
The voice within me is old. And I know her now. I've always known her, because she is me, as much as I am her.   I remember, a time in September, under a tree
You and I are impossible to understand, far from tangible sight and inconceivable to ancient astronomers.  
starlight, starbright, first one I saw tonight was really a plane.  blinking lights and then it was gone taking me away with it. I tossed all my wishes in that hollow metal thing. 
Poetry cannot be taught, nor beauty be described Neither can you see in me something that defined The colors of my skin. Scars are tattoos in many ways - permanent and painful.
The mirror only knows how to say "You're unique," in the worst way, The fairy tale bodies of crinkled magazine covers always implied a happy ending, But this, is
When you miss that boy And your nights are derived of joy Do you ever stare at the stars And wonder where you are? What you are doing here With a heart and mind so unclear And a Destiny destroyed by work
There was a couple who lived for each other but he considered himself an outcast, a no one. Two hearts that were one, just like two burning stars. Her creator created a star for every day their true loved burned.
Fifty years in this place,
The sun is a favorite star until it sets.  Then there is only you.  Shining in a brilliant darkness,  you and I  in an ocean of messy stars. I am so small in this place. This place
Tragically beautiful,
Have you ever wondered What it's like to be a star? Twinkling against the dark night sky Wished upon, waiting to die. To be small as a speck of dust Upon a child's eye.
A beer bottle broken upon an empty table But my friends are alright, for that I am grateful You see every day is a battle that I fight Never resting never stopping till I lose the light
Matter doesn't matter, it's chemicals that scatter. It's your food, it's air, it's water. It's human and nature. It's infinite space around us. It flows like rivers and falls like snow.
I, Proxima Centauri,  of 424 G-cloud Nebula Road,  Centaurus Constellation City, 
See, Hydrogen atoms started at the beginning of everything, At the base of the Big Bang,
Up above in the emptiness of space
Dreams are just DreamsUntil you make them soarA Wish is just a WishUntil you fight to make it happen
Peaceful in Heaven Exciting on Earth Angels watching over you Candles flaming Endless time coming Full of dreams Under the stars Love all around    
I've aligned my mind, body and soul in perfect syzygy:   The Moon is my mind, projecting a faint glow in the darkest of places, which still remains a mystery to even myself  
Do You Wonder Where the Stars Go
Every one tells me how beautiful the stars are and you tell me when you die  you want to be a star and watch over those you care for, I look down and laugh a little.
the stars glint above us, they shine with all the power of the universe poured into them. one, so full of energy bursting at the seams, shoots itself into the vast, ominous sky. i make a wish, 
Burning balls of gas that water could only fuel Create matter for the universe Explosions that fuse instead of part Our everything came from here
I've been out way too late with you Watching stars. You make me feel just enough You're good at keeping me where I'm at. What a thing we've become, you never know what's coming next.
A dark clear sky is all you see.
Awesome is life.
I move the sliding door out of my way. I step down onto the balcony as the warm summer night breeze touches my skin as if to welcome me as this wonderful celebration begins. My eyes are only tempted to look up at the dark sky.
Suprise, The stars are bright, Only, Only this sky belongs to, Night. Power to the moon.   Sun, It sets in the West, It, It to me is the, Best.
Silver slippers danglingPale stringed harp balanced on her kneesSilver notes become silver beamsOf a golden grinned grace.The glowing skirt as she sways in place
In fire I was born.
Here's to all the kids who make it through the end of the day and wake up for the next one  even though all they really want to do  is stay  and hide away.  
Sometimes When night clutches the sky I look up at the Heavens And gaze at those stars A feeling always seizes my being As thoughts whirl around my mind Because I cannot help but wonder
If I reach up To touch the sky
Wake me up 
In the palm of my hand Is a grain of sand  
A far off dream , is like a scattered memory...
  I am a recovering pessimist, Se​asoned with jadedness, Topped off with some obnoxious realism.   My first language is sarcasm I am well versed in profanity I am a maker of things
I saw an escalator to the brightest stars –
They say it's best to read your bible and that it's best to have a title,don't worship false idols, who's to choose, well at the top of the list is,"if it's at all tribal" it shouldn't exist,
So here I am Thinking About the thoughts That won't come About the fututre. And as I think My mind swirls And the nothingness That comes in waves Stops.
Tiny, untouchable light,
Wherever you are,If we are far apart,Look up at the stars,and remember me.
You can see it. A grey mass with the weight of Universes. Skyward, we travel to lands beyond comprehension. Skyward, we travel back home. Skyward, we travel to the land
Authenticity can be seen as reaching for galaxies while others stop at the stars.
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
But a speck of dust will I have been in times existence
Born from Tragedy, A weak Seed planted in the Garden of Grief,
If you take a look at me, with my piercings, my unnatural hair that feels more natural than the mousey brown I was born with, you can guess
I was staggering, drunk, holding onto my cousin as if she was now my physical crutch as well. It was pitch black, the trees surrounding us, and if they weren't attached to mother earth,
Fisad now broken, Not a lie to others, but to self. WhoWhatWhy Am I?
We approached the shimmering lake just my brother and I,  
It is the highest expectations that have the furthest to fall,
The universe holds so much. It is so much more than we give credit. It consumes truths and devours secrets. The stars are just as much of a mystery as the bottom of the ocean. The moon holds its truths on its darkest side.
A mind as vast as the universe, Can get lost in the depths of time. But pause, Look around at your company, For the stars will be your guide.
Stars that bright the night
Stars shine bright in the Night for one and all to see Everyday turns night
every night i sit watching the stars dance infinitely hoping somehwere you are sitting watching waiting wondering if i am doing the same
In a gigantic galaxy Lies the 3rd rock from the sun Sustaining all kinds of life It continuously spun Simultaneously rotating as it orbits Causing change in every 3 months
You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored
Twisted and tangelled I think I fell out of the skiy. Red flesh kept mangeled, is not how humans feel alive. To live and feel life where the sorrow and anger has been. Was written like a map in my layers of skin.
Like a star shining bright in the night sky, you were meant for something much bigger than a human on this Earth. You were born to be loved by everyone, born from the Sun and the Moon.  
tonight blanketed beneath the stars I love chattering by the fires'mores burnt to a crisplaughter-filled screamsmosquitos buzzing to sleepchipped nail polishheart-to-hearts beneath a setting sun
I have seen the stars At night, you see. But it was far away from here. I would like to go see them again one day But my freedom has been replaced by fear.  
They seem to be closer without the day chasing them;
  Gravity can pull me down all he wants,  but that will not stop me from reaching the sky.  The stars are mine to own, and the universe is my playground.  Earth is a test,
On shining lights in velvet nightsI hung my hopes with silver stringAs whispered words I overheardRebounded in my rotting brain.
Children’s cries calm her pounding heart Pangs of travail drain from their raw start At last love manifests in blood-flushed flesh Spirits sparkle in the commitments made fresh  
the Stars make me happy. the Way they’ve lived an eternity evolving, but not changing.
the infinite Stars keep Us company tonight
Life will knock you down. What lifts you up? Maybe it’s the way His eyes sparkle against the sunset.
The days slowly creep past me, so suddenly And as the deepest orange sunray peek upon the horizon before making its appearance.. I'm alive
Hello darkness, My old friend   I see you've Found me again   But you don't Scare me anymore   I can always  Find the stars
Heroes can only be stars If they have a night sky To shine against  But I never asked To be the darkness  
weird thing about astrology signs is that some people say they don't matter
Crisp cool nighttime air, a sleeping bag and a pillow the stars are so bright.
Silently watching White stars see all that happen Watchers of the world
A sky above me, full Of spaces between stars. Of more questions than answers. Of a life of hurt, unheard and unseen. Of the voices of millions, praying and wishing on deaf stars that fall.
A Blood Moon NightWritten by Adam M. SnowTonight I watched in awe,the moon once pure and white.
You’ll be famous one day, love Shooting up to soar with the stars Where some have faded, But will never burn out And up in the sky you’ll have your moment Of being the brightest star in the darkest night
Sometimes the stars align just right To make a single point of brillaince so intense it leaves   a spot in your vision
There are those who cherish their family. There are those who cherish their friends. But for some, like me, they are one. My friends are my sky full of stars.
You are the sky I am the sea and although we make each other complete the universe says we shall never meet.    We are divided by a horizon made prevalent by the sun that you see
Drip in and out of reality,
Celestial bodies in fluid space sprinkled stars like sugar crystals in a cup of black tea
As I gaze into the jeweled night
Humbled by pin drops Of dust And of fire Burning the darkness and filling the nothing Surrounding her, She closed her eyes and wished herself To a night where they couldn’t see her,
If you point your eyes directly at a star, expecting to see a brilliant sparkle in the black, you will be inexorably disappointed. Most stars are only visible in the periphery: they are too dim,
On a clear night, I look up and think that the sidewalk would rise vertical so that I may walk all those miles to the stars and on a bright morning as the sun still nudges the horizon,
Stars appear and bring-
When I die, Wrap me up, Tightly, In the cloak of your arms.    Burn my body, With the passion, From my soul.   Spread my ashes,
Oh, how I'd like to know infinity. To hold that vastness in my head Even for a moment. To know beneath my hair there lies The universe, that spots my skies With light.
There are endless stars in the skySo many, that yo
I sit in my room all distraught         I think of a far away land.
Every star in the sky Is a different city Rooftop missions Summer ambitions Different paths  Dances before us Glazing eyes  Filled with wonder Hope
Silence; i stay still and wait, for a single star to shine brighter than the rest. Deep beneath the skin,
She shines so bright her smile the sweetest of ivories eyes that pierce the strongest of barriers
Put me in the sky so I can look down                To see his every smile to hear every sound. I’m hopeless, I’m homeless                 Without him, life is not even worth it.
I dream of her
The alleyways are littered with broken bottles Bleeding amber liquid A fixer Another boy pulls the trigger  And paints the dirt with Something blue  
Skinny, curvy you're beautiful tall, short  you're beautiful  purple, orange, green, white, blue, black you're beautiful   
You and I are made of stars,
When I look into night, The stars blue and burning wildly but silent, And I wonder of the worlds they light--
I lived in StarlandWith all the fellow saviors and saintschoosing patiently to divide the grate and canisterbarren fellows without knowledge or understandingI was flying intrinsically away from the cauldron of desire
One can look at the stars One might see just pin points of light in the inky black sky One might see those points connected together in pictures and stories
"Reach for the stars", a quote known by many. But should this be done by any? Space has no end. Just darkness, like sin.   Jumping from star to star will get one very far;
The world has turned its face from the Sun, And I don't know if it will turn again. In the dark black I stumbled over the Earth crying-confused Roadburn on my knees, gravel imprints in my gray-pink palms  
There are too many things that make up a person. We want to compact them all Into one item “Do you like this?
I don’t think anyone expected this to happen. Hell, I didn’t expect this to happen. They didn’t expect us to happen. I didn’t expect you to happen.
Tonight I have never seen the stars so bright So vast, so full of light I lie on my back, a frail, pale hand reaching toward the heavens Counting the stars, numbering in sevens.
the faggot in the reflection of my space helmet visor is my only friend. with shaggy shorn hair and big eyes and a hollow cheek bone that holds in my silent tongue. i have etched lessons in my skin, leaving silver lines
One, Two, Three, Four, are you eager for it's shore? The pale face rises into night, soldiers stand watch with eyes of glimmer and shine.  we stand watch on the woods of our sailors
You walk lightly upon the earth Made up of stardust and love. Running through time in an unresting pace. Awakening like the sun
We dance, dance endlessly in a gentle-swaying torrent,
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
The stars; so far yet so near. Though impossible, I can feel their soft whispers through the night. Rippling in my ear, each has a story to tell, A story of the beginning, the now, and the end.
All I have ever wanted was the Stars Painted across my flesh and bone Orion's Belt tight around my waist My heart filled to the brim with light of the Moon My eyes wicked like the wrath of Mars
I've been known to think endlessly of the sun,  burning so hot it feels like hellfire   setting my heart aflame and    searing through my veins. to obsess over the future,
Love is a beautiful mix Of fate and chancetwo bodies along a planemost probably skew linesbut given some grand lucka single wish upon 11:11:11we intersected at a pointforetold among our stars
upon a dandilion i blew  its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul was a wish that had something to do with you   that night i saw a shooting star
Mine forest, mine haven,Lovely thou art aflame.
  Supine among the trampled grass, With blades harshly glistened and freshly trimmed, He lay   Constellations dancing before his eyes, Graceful Cassie floating unrivalled in onyx velvet,
When most people look at the night sky The stars tend to catch their eye. But I, I look at that which I cannot see. The black in the sky fascinates me With its unknowable secrets
I will taste the stars And most likely scorch my tongue, But I will return   To fly yet once more Amongst the burnt-out, dead husks Of those ancient dreams.
My name use to be lover
in the strawberry fields underneath the stars where i met my love moving too fast
Be my Selene, be my moon goddess Let me cast you into the constellations Let me singe your lips with ozone and smoke Beat you to life with numb, stumbling fingers
His smile is like stars Condensed to bright white like the Snow beneath our feet
It’s funny, No matter where I go,  no matter what sky I’m under,  Orion always manages to find me. See, there,  the three stars aligned together. 
I can't believe I found you. What a blessing you've been to me. You're everything I've ever wanted And I'm so glad I came to see How truly wonderful you are- That I'll never forget-
All I can do is stand here. I wonder what happened to all those days, when life was "easy"   I step back. To be honest All of these mistakes make me a little queazy.  
Our eyes beyond this sphere do gaze To search for meaning in our stars. On patterns flung across the heav'ns Our eyes beyond this sphere do gaze. Alas! For when we seek, we find
Explosions break the darkness And we fall from the sky— Blown to bits. Pieces of each of us glitter As they float down, Tossed around by the wind, Ever so gently, Nearing the earth.
It's like the stars are the beautiful ones So much light calles Surrounded by so much darkness But nothing keeps them Nothing stops them From shining
Night has arrived We run to turn on all the lights for fear of the dark Once the sun is gone we become primitive creatures lurking in our caves
YOLO The words of the naive The words of the reprieve YOLO The words of the hurt, the sick, the blind, the dead. What we want to say, before there are no words left to speak. YOLO
If there are stars that can shine, however bright they like, then that gives us the right to be as bright as we can be.   If there are planets that give life however vast they like,
  Wishes after another, every star I see, every star that makes me believe, is a leaf on a tree. Ready to take sail with the wooshes of a wind Undeveloped or maybe impossible.
Stars, starsCome aliveI need your guidence in the sky.Stars, starsCome aliveI need your help through this thick unknown.Stars, starsCome aliveAnd guide me with your light
During the dayYou're so bright,Through the shining sun.During the night, you're so dark,With the moon shining on your back.Weather expresses your emotions,Rain, sadness, snowy; madness,
I am.. Small fragment of ease Moment of Clarity A grain of hope I am.. Morning walk Afternoon with loved ones A evening of freedom I am.. Young and Old Lost and Found
A raw and twisted heart, beaten from the start. Bloodied hands grasp at air, reaching for the memory of what was never there. Dry and hacking gasps, tell the story of a still present past.
I think a lot but I don’tspeak very often. Sometimes I feel more connected tosplattering rainfallthan actual people.
Star-kissed I open my eyes And see A million beautiful lights. Little cosmic seeds, Planted in the universe. Some die In spectacular bursts. Some with but a whisper.
And so my lifeblood falls drip drip, drip, drip. drip drip, drip, drip.  
A million light years away from anything Molecules swirl in a vacuum Colliding and spinning Aimless   But something happens The particles gather Condense into a ball And begin to shine
When I lay myself to sleep I would always wonder what I'd dream of Inspired to plunge into that process by the twinkling of the stars above As I ponder, sleeping slowly creeps  
He waded through the water anxious, like flame in the wind.  The molecules engulfed his feet  entirely, washing his sin.  The night's stars were gleaming bright, crying out to him. 
I am   made of stardust, so science recognized.   Grandules measured by two sets of metaled hands.   My mind a split open galaxy, bleeding
So, let it out. Hold nothing back.Write like me.What I feel. What I think. What I know. Which isn’t much…This is all so new… I’ve never been in such an unfamiliar place.I love it and hate it, all at the same time.
What is day When all you know is night Shadows are invisible darkness becomes light   My eyes need not adjust This state will never change There's always 5 months of midnight
  "We are star stuff," Carl Sagan once said. Your body continues its existence long after its dead. The pieces of matter you are based on Were formed from stars now long gone.
There is beauty in the night,Though it's not often seen.Such a peaceful sight,But stars seen through a screen.
Sometimes When you look up at the night sky, there's difference.  Up there among the stars are dreams galloping,  Hopes crashing,  And the tumultuous roar of love gone wrong.
lie here next to me look up to the sky see the stars, smiling down one for each you and me. take my hand hold it tight see the stars, how they fill the night. catch your breath
I want to get high off of your love, and intoxicated by genuine happiness. I want to blast off into adventure, and orbit your celestial world.
tonight I looked outside my windowthis was the first time the stars didn’t dancefor hours and hours I staredand as time went onmy worries carried onmaybe it was not only tonight
Prose O starry night, brazen with chimera.Behind those cimmerian clouds breadthwith God's touch. Imagine without frontier's and marvelat the shiploads of faith that navigatethrough stormy seas.
Cold, dark A soft blackness Stars dot the midnight sky Somewhere, a tiny creature awakes Dawn comes
Cold, dark A soft blackness Stars dot the midnight sky Somewhere, a tiny creature awakes Dawn comes
Cold, dark A soft blackness Stars dot the midnight sky Somewhere, a tiny creature awakes Dawn comes
I floated out in spaceAnd collected the starsPouring the Milky WayInto many, many jars I came back onto EarthWith the beautiful silver stuffPut them carefully in my roomI thought it was enough
  the forgetfulness of tomorrow around come the stars heaven’s forgotten in a launch past mars   whoever foretold the fortune of the future was sure of the truth only to be fooled
The stars are  shinning   and I  wonder   if maybe it's the same   sky resting above you.   The stars are shinning   and I  wonder
Take me away to see the stars,   traveling so very far. From the beginning of time,   to the end of the universe. Where ever the T.A.R.D.I.S. chooses to go,  I will do my best to defeat the foe.
I want to touch the starsand hang on till my feet leave the groundYes,my fingers will burnas I clench with all my mightthe emerald in the sky,but it will be worth it.
They say even people like me Can see miracles if they just believe I am not just a face in an endless ocean Of pride and lust and unwavering devotion   What stares me down
It's in the nightwhen I feel myself taking formthe midnight stars clothed in indigo velvetpressing on my flesh, my soulgiving it substance and I am being born
Starlight, starbright, please don't let me stay tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, make everything alright. Of all the stars,  in all the skies, you're the one that caught my eye.
The stars are shining bright In the middle of the sky Producing a faint light As I look up and sigh Their beauty is unmatched So bright and real I've grown quite attached To their perfect appeal
The moon holds on for its dear life, as the morn' draws it's shape across the atmosphere. Stars blink, on, off, on, off. The starry shapes molding together all into one, one shape.
I love you Like the stars love The moon Loves The sun Loves The ground Loves The plants Love The air Loves The birds Loves The trees Love
Oh Great and Cosmic SeaAll I wish, a dance with theeSo I gaze into the skyAnd turn to thee a lustful eye"Oh to be free among the stars,To bob and weave just as they are.Never shall I be so free!
Silent, bright-eyed, constantly watchingThe holes in darkness for a time stay lastingBut when time dies down all matter changesThe gaps are sewn, it rearranges
The light in his eyes shine bright as stars and just as quickly, are snuffed.
exhale— watch the tendrils of smoke dance before being whisked away. sitting on the porch railing his book open beside me as he searches for the meaning of life. he could give
True love shines as bright as a star,but friendship exceeded celestial expectations.  At any moment a star can burn out, but the entirety of the solar system is larger than that one star, yet, less valued. 
Under the starlit sky I walk. Quiet. Alone. But truly alone, am I? Not really. Everything is alive. Pulsating. Breathing. Living. Too often we forget
    The sun shines over me, Shining a great smile, Shining like a spot light on the stars of our stories, Twinkling a hello and a goodbye each day,
I wish that I  could learn to fly and swim through the sky at night with the comets and the spaceships and stars.
Love comes quietly and under the cover of friendship. Like a cat in the night. If you hear bells, get your ears checked. I never thought I'd see it. The day that we two got together.
Everything is about the change.  And as I was falling I didn't touch the sky. but looking back it was far. Once, When I saw the stars They shined billions of lives
If I were tied to the end of a kite, I would fly high in the sky to see the stars rise very beautiful and bright!   I would even make friends with the moon, the stars, and the sun,
Why is space so darkif there are so many stars,From depths of eternal nightThirty-seven light years pastUp in the northern skyblue arms reach out from withinleaves of light extending
Waiting and watching for the sun to sink. To witness the colors that will paint the sky. All the different hues,
the light in your eyes that shines when you laugh used to light up my world and my world was a small town and our little house with our big garden and it was comfortable
I once read all that glitters is not gold and by no means is this an exception
How I love the night Darkness surrounds me Cloaking me in a deep sheet of stars A mysterious never ending shadow An intoxicating view with brilliant stars The feeling it gives is everlasting
We drove through the evening blueness at a rapid pace, streetlights and buildings blurring to join the smear of stars. The moon was a sliver, the smirk of a watchful stranger given to those who glance uneasily his way.
Today, I’m missing my one true star, thinking about how we would be together, having fun, riding a space car, through the vast galaxy forever.
Yes, that’s me. Look and you’ll see. My hair is as straight as the speed of light. My eyes are as sparkling as my philosophy of stars. My arms, reaching for cures for my aching heart.
They say that all things Had used to be combined. Together in God's world, Existing freely under the Son. But then one day, A great ball appeared, With a brand new kind of life Living under His eye.
There are billions of stars in this little window. Billions of stars in this tiny window pane of mine. At first, you only see the brightest shining ones. But at a closer glance, the smaller ones start to shine.
We sank our toes into the sand beneath the water While I told him how my father was like his father's father.
There are some drives Down the open flat of The coast highway, where we had hair Whipping against our cheeks, stinging, As the effect never shown in pictures.
Truth everlasting as night turns to dawn, The stars peek out to dance on the pond. Reflecting the weary, healing the meek, Spinning and weaving a story incomplete. Follow the tale and the travelers that dance,
he finds his way home after a night lost in the city the sound of the highway murmurs softly and he shakes while lying in his bed his body rumbles as he sits up to take off his shoes
In striving to view that which is not normally seen, To pry into the gods’ minds as they meander Into what could only catapult the living through madness which Is in the mind, forever present and lurking.
We walked by night, dropped our troubles As though the water we tried to avoid cleansed us, But it didn't, did it? We walked on in conversation or in silence, And either way I felt privileged to be by your side.
Fly me to the moon, Lay me down under the stars. I'll look up and search the galaxies, To find out who we are.
Sometimes the sun likes to steal kisses from the moon. He’ll reach up over the horizon and trail his fingers down the pale curve of her side, make her shiver and tremble high in the sky.
What is a horizon to me? A scarlet sun, an endless sea – Touches of light upon the darkness. Rays streaming from the heart, The heart of our universe.
Pictures in motion pass through the focused slits of dream catchers My anatomy teacher calls eyes and I fight for glimpses of the moving present Assimilating and spreading the colors as
I like the intricacies of verse, multiple syllables strewn together in a formal translation, a bump and struggle for quick comprehension before the next lines are said. I’m not interested in vague references
Everyday I walk along, seeing all the things I can see And I wonder why I can't see the stars I see all the smoke and the smog But I wonder why I can't see the stars
The stars look so good from below The mistletoe But now they just remind me Of the you I used to know. Each star holds a memory Of what we used to be And now I’m out here wishing
the stars align in a set design they climb and strive atop the clouded line reminding you of what you've become in time don't let go of what you've been told
The memory of your body Naked and glistening Contrasted under the cotton sheets Is to recall the grandiose of the stars Retuning to the humbling innocence of newborn planets And the substance of the human heart
We were convinced our paths were written in the stars And promised we'd never be apart To only realize none was as different as ours So we parted ways with all too broken hearts
My fingers are tingling For you Your smooth skin And liquid personality Like fire, taking control Quick whip of authority When needed, of course. Leader. Hawk, is what they call you
farther away than one can imagine dotting the sky in a blanket of comfort and insignificance these stars they watch us and they see us as we really are
Beauty's in the stars. That's why people stop and stare. When did you last look?
Drops of starlight swimming through the atmosphere, the aquamarine sky swirling above. It's time. Silver seas calm, No breeze through the grasses. It's time.
Foolish rains, why do you fall from the heavens up above? Why abandon your seat in the endless skies Is such freedom not enough?
A green-skinned apple in your eye, An autumn sunset, a sweet pink sky, Who, with that mouthful of stars, Breathes summer on your meanest scars, And, with those long-fingered hands Always busy, lets you stand:
Alas, Hear the stars that twinkle above me And hasten the moon to sing And glide o'er the branded sky Such sweet sorrow and endless abyss as never seen And awaken me dawn!
Shining in the darkness A sea of golden stars Twinkling at me every night. The peace of the silence lulls me to sleep The shimmering beckoning me To a land of dreams and adventure.
In the black of night, A mournful song pierces the silence. Crying to the moon, The beast lifts his head once more. His yellow eyes glow, Stars fallen from the heavens
Space can be compared to anything you might, From a mystical journey to even a sweet delight No one can know Space: friend or foe But even still we try with all our might.
What would I do? Only if you wanted me to, I would chase down the Sun for you, spending my lasting days chasing a setting Sun. For why would I wrangle in the moon?
What would I do? Only if you wanted me to, I would chase down the Sun for you, spending my lasting days chasing a setting Sun. For why would I wrangle in the moon?
You would never think of stars Those tiny, inconsequential lights in the night sky You would never believe our sun Is exactly like those white lights Its golden rays shining on your face
The stars are specks of light, A broken string of scattered pearls, Dandruff, Dust on black velvet, Rice thrown on a wedding day, Snowflakes, White ashes on coal, Pebbles in a riverbed,
Sometimes I feel so small as if i were a blemish on the face of the moon, surrounded by craters; as if i were a grain of sand on the ledge of a mountain range, overwhelmed by the cliff.
The stars they shine, like diamonds in velvet. So grand and so bright way up in the sky. A breeze blew by but I barely felt it. My mind mesmerized by those stars, but why? Then clouds rolled in and I let out a sigh.
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheart Times will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
The silver moon winks at us As we dance into the field of dreams. The crickets provide the melody, The birds offer their song, And the voice of the wind guides our every step. You look to the sparkling sky
I wish the stars were in reach tonight. It seems like my life hasnt been as bright. A trip through the stars and the milky way Is how i really wanna spend my day.
Burning flame and ash A lifeless shell abandoned Spectacle of hate One man standing tall A tower of tortured souls He drives his fist down
Got no money, job or car But I know I’ll make it far I’m about my education But I’m reaching for the stars
Her name is but 12 letters long Her height is only 4’11” But she is a dynamo that ignites any stage she steps onto Her blonde hair; infectious smile and extraordinary strength are something I envy
I remember the stars in the night  they carried my hopes and dreams I remember the stars from years ago I remember the stars of tonight   But even more, the stars remember me.
I gaze up at the stars. They twinkle down at me as my mind wanders and I’m numb with thoughts. They twinkle down at me, I admire their bright shine. And I’m numb with thoughts. Take me away.
What is a body but from dust is flesh? 'Tis purposeful to carry every soul, O'er life we sail, traverse with burdens set, [This skeleton!] This ship! The cracks are felt from deck to hull.
My heart shattered into a million pieces and the wind blew the remnants across the sky, So that they may shine like bright stars among the Heavens at night,
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