The Black Abyss


Space, the endless black abyss.

A meteor racing past the stars, destination unknown,

the power to shatter a planet with a forceful kiss.

moon’s left fragmented, into space they are thrown.


Pulsars spinning violently, emitting deadly radiation,

clouds of poisonous gases that form a beautiful nebula,

Observable through the International Space Station.

Science is the key; E=MC2 is the formula-


the speed of light, it seems so fast

maybe one day, someday soon we will be able to trek,

amongst the stars in a universe so vast.

With some of the worlds most advanced tech.


How excited I get, knowing we are almost there.

The age of space travel, amidst are we.

For the future is unknown, we must beware-

of the uncertainties that await us in the black sea.




I do have a strange obsession with anything astronomy related. Please feel free to comment.

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