Walk By Night

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 01:52 -- LTor353


United States
46° 12' 12.6324" N, 116° 54' 9.108" W

We walked by night, dropped our troubles
As though the water we tried to avoid cleansed us,
But it didn't, did it?
We walked on in conversation or in silence,
And either way I felt privileged to be by your side.
Was I?
We sat and stared at the river, at the bridge
Wondering if we should cross our own
Or move along with the current,
But we didn't choose either, did we?
No, we chose to remain the same,
And as I let you shield me from the cold
You couldn't shield me from yourself,
Could you?
I felt like every embrace should have lasted forever,
But we both know, that's not how life is,
Is it?
I remember our hands touching,
And I remember letting them linger
As though to question if it were wrong.
Since when did we care?
I remember smiling when I could hear your heart.
I could hear it beating, faster and faster;
It ran ahead without your permission.
It was like you had no choice,
Did you?
And when you questioned the stars,
I questioned my fate.
Was I to live like this?
Walking by night, to be ashamed of the day
You looked to the sky,
But I looked to the future.
Are we to be stargazers then too?
I didn't ask for this.
I was always terrified of this one thing.
I sore I'd never become so attached to anyone,
But you aren't just anyone, are you?
And when you look me in the eye
I find a piece of myself there, a scrap of my soul.
It's a promise in itself, saying you'll never be alone,
And I can't yet be whole,
Can I?
This part was torn from me.
God said so Himself, and I believed Him
Because I knew all along it was true,
Wasn't it?
So when it calls, I walk by night.
I remember the river and the stars,
And I know that you remember too,
Don't you?
You remember how we never promised forever,
But I made a deal all the same.
The stars were witness,
Weren't they?
So I find myself waiting for my end of the bargain.
Someday, someday I'll be repaid.
I don't know how or when, but I know it's a promise.
Till then my soul's in the crossroads at twilight,
And you and I, we walk by night.


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