Battle Towards Golden Streets


Gravity can pull me down all he wants, 
but that will not stop me from reaching the sky. 
The stars are mine to own,
and the universe is my playground. 
Earth is a test,
and the battleground I currently fight on. 
They tell me humanity cannot fly,
and that gravities force will always hold me down,
but one day I will hold the stars in my hands,
One day I will prove them all wrong. 
Gravity lies to me daily, 
reminding me of my failures--but never will I listen.
The keys to the playground are within my heart. 
Salvation from insanity is planted within my soul. 
The universe is what I am destined to reach,
and the creator of it is the one whom I look up to. 
The universe is my playground, and he is my father.
I will, one day, dance with the moon, the son of man.
I will, one day, see the sun in front of me,
and I will enjoy his beauty forever. 
Can you imagine the playground I am reaching for, 
the stars I will attain in my hands, 
the victory of flying out of gravities reach forever? 
Yes, one day I will fly away. 
And I will be gone from gravities reach,
forever free from all the lies. 


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