Sunflower Galaxy

Why is space so dark
if there are so many stars,
From depths of eternal night
Thirty-seven light years past
Up in the northern sky
blue arms reach out from within
leaves of light extending
The Sunflower galaxy full of
Swirling petals
Trillions of flowers with
roots in the stars,
Blooming in unto themselves

Why is space so dead
if there are so many flowers,
petals falling
leaves curling, crunching
The entire system is wilting
The Sunflower Galaxy full of
Barren soil
The stars have fallen out
Perhaps more will bloom
A great perhaps
The galaxy of no expectations
but full of the opportunity

Why is space so lonely
if there are so many souls,
Invisible floating reminisce
an eternity of star dust
A unity of infinite space
The growth,
the destruction
of the Sunflower galaxy
Why is space so beautiful
if there is nothing permanent
Why is space so uncertain
When Sunflowers are so certain


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