An Ode To the Stars and Planets

It's midnight and I can't sleep


I'd like to think you're still here

Still roaming down the hall searching for what you'd lost while you were breathing

Or maybe even beting your thumb trying to organize your movie set


It's past midnight

Are you still here?

Tell me a story to soothe my heart to sleep

For it is aching and weeping for you

It beats and beats against my ribs causing more pain in my chest


Sing me a lullaby to put my mind at eaase

My brain is running around in my head hoping to find you in cobwebbed corners

Tiring itself out 

Yet its motivation stuck like old gum on the sidewalks we'd walk togther


It's past 1 am

I'm still here

Hoping on the stars I could hear you again

Praying to Pluto and Mars that I could see your smile in real time


Space is a fascination of mine and

Half the time I wonder why

Maybe because it's one thing we don't know all about

Like how we don't know where you could be


I'd like to think that the galaxies stole you 

That the man in the moon grew too tired of being by his lonesome

Or that venus wanted someone as lovely as she 


It's half past 1 now

And I see you in the sky again 

The one that shines brightest of all 

The most twinkling smile

You're far from me 

You always had been the only one at the end of the hall I was too afraid to walk down 

You had always been so far

But at least now

I know you're doing what you've always done best


Bringing light to those who need it most in the dark



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