the dented wings i still wear

One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day. during that strange mixed up, lost time of beingtoo old for toys and too young for the real world.So she decided to take every dream ever dreamt, and weave them into a pair of light, graceful wings. She then lifted off, and took flight. Flight across land and ocean and trees, and sheeven flew above the sky,testing her weight on moonbeams and racing comets.She made herself a home in the clouds, and settled down.She was here to stay.  Then one day, She fell to the earth(Nobody knows why)and there she stayedheart beating, but wings brokenAnd there she stayed.She was trapped on Earth. Every night she cried herself to sleep becauseshe knew that there was more out there.And she knew that none of it was hers anymore. She couldn't whisper to the stars at night, and gossip amoungst the galaxiesthe blue sky was untouchable, and the ocean was too deep.the whole world That had been too small and fragilewas now too large for the girl with broken wings.    

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